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Pos Malaysia Tracking

One of the most popular domestic and international courier services offered in Malaysia is Pos Malaysia tracking. The company offers various kinds of postal services for both small and large sector companies. Pos Malaysia started is a public service courier service started in the year 1800. Pos Malaysia Berhad has different businesses such as Pos Logistics, PosLaju, Pos Internal, Pos Aviation, Pos Ace, DataPos, and PosDigicert.

Its courier and postal services are offered by Pos Malaysia Track and Trace. Different services are offered by Pos Malaysia including track and trace online services that allow the customer to track and trace their package within timely according to their requirement. You can also calculate postage rate based on national or international courier service.

POS Malaysia Tracking

POS Malaysia Track and Trace Services

Pos Malaysia tracking is one of the largest postal courier services in Malaysia. It offers a wide range of services to customers just like track and trace poslaju. There are various options available for customers such as Express Mail service, General Mail, FlexiPack, International and domestic mail services.

  • FlexiPack: This type of mailing service is extremely useful for business and eCommerse service providers as it gives an option of flexible packaging with both prepaid and cash on delivery options. The FlexiPack comes with an option of online tracking that makes it easier for customer and service provider to track the consignment.
  • Express Mail Service: Pos Malaysia also offers both national and international mailing service using express delivery. It ships consignment to over 232 countries. Pos Malaysia tracking offers pick-up and delivery service at much reasonable prices both domestic and overseas. It also offers tracking option available with door to door transfer along with a proof of delivery.
  • General Mail services: Some of the services include options such as Standard Mail, Non-Standard Mail, Mel Rakyat and postcards. In this standard mail service, the package is delivered in an envelope letter. Non-Standard Mail includes domestic services that include delivering box, rolls, and envelopes. Postcards are used for non-commercial purposes and also come fitted under self-adhesive sides with foldable envelope.
  • International Mail: it comes under the option of international mail service. There are various other subcategory options available such as mail, parcel and express delivery. International service comes under clearance along with pick up and special delivery service.
  • Express mail: Pos Malaysia Track and Trace offers two mailing options namely insured mail and PosEkspres. Under this service, the sensitive secure package is delivered within a day. It is a quick and convenient way to transfer secure consignments. The transfer also has an insurance cover irrespective of consignment size.

POS Malaysia

How to Track POS Malaysia

POS Malaysia Track and Trace service allow you to keep track of your package anytime anywhere you want. Tracking POS Malaysia package is an easy and convenient way. All you need to do is follow easy steps mentioned below.

  1. In order to track and trace POS Malaysia shipment, you need to visit the official website of Pos Malaysia www.pos.com.my
  2. Under the quick access portal, you need to enter the POS Malaysia tracking number.
  3. Click on Track button and it will display all details of your shipment clearly including current status and delivery date of your POS Malaysia tracking courier.

POS Malaysia Contact Details

Below are the contact Details of Pos Malaysia postal courier service.

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PosMalaysiaBerhad
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/pos4you
  • Instagram: https://instagram.com/pos4you/
  • Customer Care via PosLine at 1-300-300-300 or e-mail to care@pos.com.my

Conclusion on POS Malaysia

POS Malaysia tracking is a popular courier service that allows customers to send their mail across domestic and international borders. Established in early 1800, Pos Malaysia Track and Trace is one of the most prominent courier service providers in Malaysia. Tracking service is also provided for a customer that makes it easier for clients to keep track of their package. Pos Malaysia tracking has an extensive large network in different locations that undoubtedly makes it a popular courier service provider.

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  1. hello,knpe parcel saya x smpai lagi pdhal last check kt track kt pos batu caves and now check tracking xde.. EP355755755MY this my track num.klau dh smpai rumah and tkde org msti ade surat kan.but xde.hope bleh tlong ye.terima kasih

    • saya dah beberapa kali menghadap kes sebegini. Tracking kata hari ini bungkusan diterima kounter padahal saya sudah serahkan kelmarin lagi, siap dapat resit time stamp ada. akhirnya poslaju jadi lambat! telah berlaku penipuan besar dalam tracking. saya tak pakai dah poslaju sekarang. pos biasa sahaja. Membazir duit mengharapkan penghantaran cepat, jadi lambat. ditambah dengan online tracking yang tidak telus, bertambah kecewa dengan Poslaju.

  2. I need to send an item from KUCHING to SANDAKAN in Sabah ,item weights 24 kilos. What is Pos Laju charges,how long will it reach its destination ??

    Thank You.

  3. My parcel sent out 3/4/2020 until today 14/5/2020 not yet received.
    Just from Negeri Sembilan sent to Rawang… Already check the tracking nomber status 7/4/2020 arrive Pos Laju Rawang, until today no any status…

    Who can help, My parcel number is ERB572372265MY

  4. Tracking No ; ERB899887397MY. Poslaju telah tersalah hantar barang saya ke pos laju daerah lain dan hari ini 20/5/20 tidak diketahui barang itu berada di mana. Mohon ambil tindakan dengan segera menghantar barang kpd saya. Terima kasih atas kerjasama

  5. Saya hantar panda 12/5/20,sampai Sekarang Belem sampai, sudah email tak ada feedback bagi Saya, telephone 0322672267/0322733927 tak ada .org jawab,siapa boleh tolong ,macamana Saya boleh buat

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