MP3 Sorting Center Shopee Express Location & Contact Number!

Often termed as the best courier company, Shopee Express handles millions of parcels every year in South Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and even China. But lately, users have been facing problems as their parcels are stuck at MP3 Sorting Center.

So now the question turns out is, where is MP3 sorting center located?


MP3 Sorting Center Shopee Location

I did try to find out the exact location of the sorting center but I couldn’t find the same. But most of the parcels are processed through either MP3 sorting center, JHB sorting center, PCH sorting center. Out of all these sorting centers, I was able to find the exact location of PCH sorting center and DDR sorting center recently.

MP3 Sorting Center Shopee Location

But my attempts to find the location of MP3 sorting center failed as there’s no word from Shopee Express when I tried them to reach out. As of now, the best I can say is the MP3 sorting center Shopee location is somewhere between Selangor and Temerloh Hub.


So one can assume that his/her parcel is somewhere near to Selangor. While that may not be enough to get you the exact MP3 sorting center location of your Shopee Express parcel, but it does give you a rough idea about when you can receive your parcel. And the same is the case with SOC 2 Shopee Philippines, SOC3 station Shopee center, MKZ sorting center, and U10 sorting center whose locations are still unknown, at least to me.

MP3 Sorting Center Shopee Contact Number

Although I failed to find out the exact location of the sorting center, but I did get a chance to get the contact number for the same.

Here’s the contact number: +603-2777-9222


You can reach out to the above given contact number to know whereabouts of your parcel shipped by Shopee Express.

At times, due to high volume of parcels at the sorting centers, it might take some additional time or even days to dispatch your parcel from the station MP3 sorting center. This usually happens when it’s a peak time of shopping season.

So make sure you relax and just wait for a couple of more days to know the details about your parcel. At times, the tracking information is not updated as well due to which you may see delays in the delivery of your parcel.

My Opinion on MP3 Sorting Center of Shopee Express

I can understand that you’re pretty much excited to get your parcel that you recently ordered from a website or getting it from your friend or colleague but sometimes, even the courier companies like Shopee Express are helpless as the incoming volume of parcels might have increased and the tracking systems may not show up correctly.

That said, if you ever want to track Poslaju parcels, our website is the perfect place for to find it.  Of course, my website do not support Shopee Express tracking as this blog just provides information to Poslaju customers.

Let me know in the comments regarding your tracking numbers of Shopee Express that are stuck at MP3 Sorting Center or Shopee Express Nusajaya Hub for a long time. I will try my best to help you out.