Poslaju Kuching Operating Hours, Location & Contact Number

Poslaju is pioneer when it comes to courier companies in Malaysia. It’s preferred choice for many of Malaysian people to send parcels within the country and all around the world.

To make it easy for you, I’ve listed the Poslaju Kuching operating hours along with perfect address, Google Maps location, contact details and services offered as well.

PosLaju Kuching (Jalan Song) Address

Address: Lot 619, Sublot, Block 16 KCLD, Jalan Song, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Services Offered!

  • Register Mail (Pos Daftar),
  • Pos Parcel (Bungkusan Pos)
  • Pickup Service
  • EMS International
  • Domestic Delivery
  • Normal Parcels Domestic and International

These are the services offered by Pos Laju Jalan Song, Kuching center. Now let’s have a look at the operating hours of the center so that you never visit the office at wrong time.

Pos laju Kuching Operating Hours

Monday – Saturday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
1st Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday: CLOSED (Public Holiday)

Pusat Pos Laju Kuching Collection Hours

Monday – Saturday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
1st Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday: CLOSED (Public Holiday)
Poslaju Kuching Jalan Song

If you want to contact the Kuching Poslaju office, you can connect with the officials with the help of below given contact details.

Pos laju Kuching Contact Details

Telephone: 082-456100 | 082-462612
Fax Number: 082-456088
Email ID: PosLajukch@poslaju.com.my
Official Website URL: http://www.pos.com.my

Drive straight to the PosLaju Kuching Jalan Song office near you by follow the location given below in Google Maps!

Note: If you’re visiting Poslaju Kuching office just to register a complaint, you can do that using eFeedback Poslaju online facility too. You need not visit the office just to register a complaint. Of course, if you are facing Poslaju tracking problem, you can surely visit the facility center.

Poslaju Jalan Song (Kuching) Location on Google Maps

So I hope you’ve now got enough details about pusat Poslaju Kuching office which is near to you. Visit this page if you want to know which Poslaju offices are near to you. And if you have visiting the office just to know your parcel status, you can track it online too on our website.

24 thoughts on “Poslaju Kuching Operating Hours, Location & Contact Number

  1. The parcel had reach cawangan serahan Kuching, please check and deliver for my customer. I am from Shopee.
    ERC 166623176MY

    Thank you

  2. Hello,barangan shopee saya baju band rock sudah sebulan belum datang datang.. Boleh tolong check ke sudah dihantar belum track number MY204500021489F
    Terima kasih

  3. Hi, Poslaju.
    Please check my parcel : ERB990739622MY.

    It already arrived at your facility on 12 June and yet, its already July but it still has not yet been sent to my place. Its almost 3 weeks. Please send it or inform me if you need me to pick it up.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi. The parcel no eha195596005my has been arrived at your side since 12th July. Please deliver the said parcel to me soonest possible.

  4. Hi,
    Need your urgent attention!

    Please trace this consignment number and revert to us on the status ASAP
    EF984815259JP, item document.

    our tracking details shows as below:-
    *Date / Time Process Office
    22 Jun 2020, 08:58:01 PM Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office Pending Service Center
    22 Jun 2020, 07:37:18 PM Item dispatched out Pos Laju Kuching
    19 Jun 2020, 05:14:40 AM Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office Pos Laju Transit Office (KLIA Hub)
    18 Jun 2020, 05:52:43 PM Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office Pos Laju Transit Office (KLIA Hub)
    18 Jun 2020, 02:23:31 PM Item departed to domestic location Pos Laju Nilai MYKULA
    18 Jun 2020, 02:21:31 PM Release from customs clearance (Import) MYKULA
    17 Jun 2020, 04:05:51 PM Clearance by Postal for customs inspection (Import) MYKULA
    17 Jun 2020, 04:04:51 PM Item arrived at MYKULA
    14 Jun 2020, 03:20:00 PM Item en route to MALAYSIA JAPAN
    14 Jun 2020, 03:19:00 PM Consignment Arrived JAPAN

  5. Hi,
    Please double check my parcel EHA184118389MY not update location since 06.06.202 until now.
    At Google system appear my parcel last update on 05.06.2020 at parcel hub. When check other way the parcel already arrive at kuching on 05.06.2020 and now I feel very disappointed because I still not receive my parcel even we pay more for the fee delivery.

  6. Tracking number: ERC050958302MY

    Hi, good evening Sir!
    I have not received my parcel since 2/6. It’s been 2 weeks from now so I really hope you can deliver it as soon as possible. I did not receive any response from PosLaju either. I understand how chaotic it is now, but would really appreciate if you can improve your service.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Pos Laju,

    For your information, my parcel already arrived at Pos Laju Kuching since 06 June 2020.

    Please help to deliver my parcel as soon as possible. The tracking number for my parcels is ERB973331382MY.

    I tried to call Pos Laju Kuching several times but there is no answer at all !

    Please help me on this. Anything, please let me know. You may reply my email to update me on my parcel.

  8. Please check my EN281197915MY the goods already arrive at kuching so i will collect byself so let me know which branch. Thanks.

  9. hi there, i want to ask is my parcel reached kuching already? i check the tracking status is delivered? delivered to who? how come im no received it? please help check ASAP. Below is tracking number


    this is my tracking status
    09 Jun 2020, 03:10:25 PM Item delivered to MASI PENGUATKUASA Pos Laju Kuching
    09 Jun 2020, 10:05:17 AM Item out for delivery Pos Laju Kuching
    29 May 2020, 03:15:17 AM Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office Pos Laju Transit Office (KLIA Hub)
    29 May 2020, 03:12:17 AM Item processed. Pos Laju Transit Office (KLIA Hub)
    28 May 2020, 05:50:49 PM Item dispatched out Pos Laju Bukit Mertajam
    27 May 2020, 06:12:47 PM Item picked up Pos Laju Bukit Mertajam

  10. Hi ,
    Tolong update return brg sya tracking no : ERB619924485MY, dah dekat sebulan dah brg tu kat ofis kita owg..Seller ckp msh blom terima lagi..Knp ye, dah nak smpe due dah tu nanti xdi refound duit sya.. ada pape mslh contack Sya k
    Please ambik tindakan

  11. sebelum raya datang ke poslaju untuk ambil barang.tapi sampai sana korang bagitau barang dah klua untuk penghantaran.Malangnya sampai sekarang barang hilang dari radar x sampai2.tolong check EHA135225801MY.saya call berpuluh kali mmg x angkat

  12. Hai…post laju saya Zakaria dari Bintulu Sarawak, saya nak tanya barang saya yg bernomber ERB947127525MY Dari 17 May 2020 sebelum hari raya saya oder sampai sekarang belum sampai….Apa masalahnya???……Tolong bagi tahu apa masalah yg sedang berlaku dengan barang saya tu.

    1. haii
      please check my tracking number EHA116176705MY already arrive at kuching,so let me know which branch! tq

  13. Hi Pos Laju,

    Please help to deliver my item, tracking number:-
    1. ERB426245655MY, arrived since 18 May 2020

    Please also check on tracking number ERB515886850MY, stated delivered but I never receive the item.

    I tried calling but no answer.

  14. Hi Pos Laju,

    For your information, my items already arrived at Caw Serahan Kuching B since 15 May 2020.

    Please help to deliver my items. Here is the tracking numbers :-
    1. ERB916672162MY
    2. ERB530214618MY
    3. ERB867812250MY

    I tried to call Pos Laju Caw Serahan Kuching B but there is no answer.

    Please help me on this. Anything, please let me know. You may reply my email or give me a call.

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