Where is SOC 2 Shopee Location Philippines – Find Out Here

Wondering what is SOC 2 Shopee meaning and where is SOC 2 Shopee Philippines location? Read on to know more! We all know the fact that Shopee Express is well ahead of all the courier companies in the Philippines. But, this year has been different as there’s lots of online shopping done on 12/12 and 11/11 too.

I’ve observed a lot of parcels that are stuck at SOC 2 sorting center, SOC 4, SOC 3 Shopee, U10 sorting center, PCH Shopee sorting center, MP3 sorting center, DDR sorting center, and many more in the Philippines and in Malaysia too! It shows “parcel has arrived at station soc 2” in the tracking status.


I’m sure your parcel is stuck at SOC 2 station Shopee Express sorting center itself and you’re eagerly waiting for the same to get it delivered soon.

SOC 2 Shopee Philippines Location of Station

But believe me, you’re not the only one whose parcels are stuck at SOC2, there are many other customers like you who are facing issues to receive their parcels on time.


SOC 2 Shopee Philippines Location

The SOC 2 location is somewhere near Paranaque and according to one of our blog readers, it must be located at LIIP Ave, Binan, Laguna, Philippines. I have updated the approximate Google Maps location here!

If you’re aware of the SOC 2 location, do leave a comment below and I’ll verify it to update the same in this post.


SOC 2 Station Shopee Express Contact Number!

Here’s the contact number of SOC 2 Shopee Express: +603-2777-9222

You can call on the above-given number and see if you can get the exact details of where your parcel is lying at present. During the shopping season, it becomes essential to get your parcel as soon as possible.

Operating Hours of Shopee Express SOC2 Station

Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5:30 PM

Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM

Sunday: Closed

There’s no word about the collection hours yet as this is just a distribution center as of now. It might allow collecting your Shopee Express parcels in the near future, but it’s not possible at the moment.

Did You Find Station SOC 2 Shopee Location?

Should you have any idea about where is SOC 2 Shopee express sorting center is and what SOC 2 Shopee means, do let us know in the comments and I will update our post accordingly at the earliest! This helps our readers to understand and know the exact location of the SOC 2 Shopee station. Lastly, if you’re facing issues with your parcel tracking, you can head over to Shopee Express tracking for the same.