PosLaju Contact/Customer Service Toll Free & Hotline Number!

PosLaju Customer Service

In this Post, I am going to reveal PosLaju Customer Service & PosLaju Contact Number. PosLaju is a subsidiary of a Malaysian-based firm named POS Malaysia Berhad. It is one of the leading courier companies which are connecting individuals across the place with its next day delivery service. The company has the widest network range and also largest courier fleet in Malaysia, making it one of the dominant and strongest players in the market.

It has able to spread out its products and services to across more than 1000 outlets which consist of 704 POS Malaysia outlets. Practically the company is able to reach out nook and corner thus providing convenient and affordable services to clients. To ensure customers are given maximum access, more than 100 authorized agents are appointed on the job and moreover, all the PosLaju tracking numbers are unique in all terms.

These agents ensure customers are able to get access to services even in areas where the company is inaccessible. The best part about the services provided by agents is, they are even available beyond working hours and during weekends ensuring customers are not required to deal with problems for a long period of time. If you are one of the PosLaju customers, you can track and trace PosLaju parcels online.

PosLaju Customer Service

Services Provided by PosLaju Customer Service Center

The company dedicatedly provides services as listed below:

#1. Mail: Standard mail services in the form of Flexipack domestic, standard and non-standard mail, postcards, POS ekspres, POS Daftar, POS solutions and Mel Rakyat.

#2. Courier Express and Parcel CEP services: Herein courier services are offered with same day or next day delivery options. Along with it, time certain services, POS parcel, POS ekspres, POS Laju prepaid pack, prepaid envelopes, and boxes and on demand pick up is also offered to the customers.

#3. Retail services: The retail services offered by the company includes personal insurance, vehicle shipping service, bill payments and driving license renewal.

#4. International mail: The international mail services offered to clients includes inbound and outbound emails, packets and parcel deliveries. For more details of the rates charged, check PosLaju rates for International & domestic services.

#5. E-commerce: Online services in the form of e-payments, e-fulfilment and e-marketplace are offered to the prospective customers.

#6. Logistics: It includes Warehousing, freight forwarding services etc.

Owing to its services and perfection in work, the company has been able to achieve the leading position in the market. Since its formation company has been focusing on providing best and reliable services to customers which are another reasons it is the most popular name in the market.

Poslaju Contact Number

Following are the Poslaju customer care, PosLaju Contact Number toll-free & hotline numbers.

PosLaju Customer Service: +603-2727-9100

PosLaju Contact Number: +603-2273-3927

Toll-Free: 1300-300-300.

PosLaju Contact Number

The customer service department operates on Monday to Friday from 08.30 AM to 08.00 PM. Saturday 08.30 AM to 05.00 PM. Sunday services of customer care are not available. The service centers have the most knowledgeable staff available to work, who is up for resolving customer queries and concerns in the least time possible.

Conclusion of PosLaju Hotline Number

The courier and postal services provided by the company has undoubtedly made a breakthrough in the industry. Customers with these services are now able to have access to quality and that too at affordable prices. Apart from this, they can also keep a track of their posts and couriers ensuring that delivery is made right within time to the ordered address. Stay tuned to PosLajuTracking.org for more information on PosLaju Contact Number

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  1. I just want to complain about an agent who work on 14/5/2017 about 9.20 a.m. He takes too much time to find the parcel and let his partner(A malay with chinesse look alikes) work alone on his counter. His partner already serves 10-15 customer, but untill then he still didnt show up with his lost parcel. Its not convenience to your customer to wait for this long because of the agent of the counter is not effective and worked really slow. His performance really dissapointed us a customer. I can hear a men laughing and enjoying at tge other sides of the door. Is it he really find the parcel or just enjoying back there. Im so dissapointed with the service of pos laju especially of the agent. I hope pos laju can take this cases seriously.

  2. why why why i am so angry……………………………..
    every time my family pos me a hometown sundry goods must declare by highly department customs staff n every time must claimed be round RM 200++ is crazy or this is very idiots thing….
    lets try to think lah stupid gov do like getara black hearts pirates i am far away from my family n my family send me a goods to say there still remember me n love me which is i am not come back home town for not lease than pass 10 years oledi………….stupid declaration department customs



  3. Di sini saya ingin membuat aduan berkenaan parcel yang tidak diterima sejak 6/6/2017 sehingga hari ini . Berkali – kali saya call pada pekerja poslaju yang sepatutnya dipertanggung jawabkan menghantar ke kawasan saya tapi masih tiada respon darinya .

    Bila saya call pada pihak cawangan serahan juga seolah2 tidak memberikan sebarang reaksi positif , malah lebih menyukarkan untuk saya hubungi pihak customer service . Berkali call pada pihak customer service juga tidak mendapat respon .

    Raya hampir tiba adakah saya perlu menerima parcel saya selepas raya ? Mohon kerjasama dari semua pihak untuk menyelesaikan masalah yang saya hadapi . Sekian , tq .

  4. Hi,
    My parcel is below 100gram.
    Last Time i pos to Taiwan the rates is RM97++
    May i know how much the rates if i want to post to Singapore and Canada?

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