Poslaju Tracking: Track & Trace Your Pos Laju Parcel Here!

Poslaju Tracking

Pos Malaysia is one of the largest postal service providers in Malaysia. Today, I am going to show you how to do Poslaju Tracking by using your tracking number on our website.  It’s an official way to track Poslaju and it’s just a matter of seconds to do it!

Use the below given Poslaju tracking search box and enter your tracking number to track and trace your parcel right away!

Poslaju Tracking Online at POS Malaysia


Other than Pos Laju, there are many other logistic companies in Malaysia that provide courier services all around the world. Some of them are Malaysian Post, Shopee Express, City Link, GDEX, and TAQBIN. Though Poslaju has many competitors in the market, it’s the only service provider with the largest customer base in Malaysia, at least!

The overall procedure of Poslaju track and trace at our website is pretty simple. Besides that, I am going to list some interesting facts, courier rates, and amazing services provided by POS Malaysia. Now let’s move on to the process of tracking Pos Laju which is done at www.pos.com.my. This will ensure that you can track and trace Poslaju parcels with lesser effort overall.

How to Track and Trace PosLaju at www.pos.com.my

Well, if you ask me, the above method is the perfect one. But still, if you’re not getting perfect tracking results by using the above tracking box, you can follow the below-given method which is from the official PosLaju website itself.

#1. The first step is to visit the pos.com.my website.

#2. Now head over to the Track and Trace option from the home page.

#3. Enter the Pos Laju tracking number given to you while ordering the parcel.

#4. Wait for some time and you will get the tracking status on your screen.

Poslaju Track

#5. You can click on View More to get detailed information on the whereabouts of your Poslaju parcel.
Here’s how your final tracking result will appear on the Poslaju official website
Poslaju Tracking Result on Pos.com.my website

So this is how you can do Poslaju tracking on the POS Malaysia website. You can follow the same steps to track and trace Pos Laju on your mobile, PC, laptop, and tablets. If you are still facing any issues, you can contact PosLaju Customer Service to get the problem resolved within minutes!

Services Provided by POS Laju

Here’s the list of services provided by PosLaju courier! Have a Glimpse at them now:

#1. General Mail

#2. Register Mail (Pos Daftar)

#3. Pos Parcel (Bungkusan Pos)

#4. International Mail

#5. Express Mail

#6. Pickup Service

#7. Resources for the Blind

#8. EMS International

#9. Domestic Delivery

#10. Normal Parcels for Domestic and International

These are some of the services provided by POS Malaysia. When a customer orders any of these services, it’s quite obvious that the person would track Poslaju parcel online.

The best thing that impressed me in the list of services is “Resources for the Blind.” I have hardly seen any logistic company doing this. And that’s the reason why POS Malaysia is loved by the people all over Malaysia!

So this was all about the Poslaju services provided by POS Malaysia.

PosLaju Tracking on Mobile & Tablets!

If you want to skip the above-given long process, you can simply download the Pos Laju tracking app on your Android and iOS devices to track and trace parcels within seconds. To start with let’s first see how to track Pos Laju on your Android-based devices!

Track PosLaju Parcels on Android Devices

The officials of POS Malaysia have developed an Android app to track Pos Laju shipments. To track PosLaju number, all you need to do is install POS Malaysia Mobile App on your Android devices such as mobiles and tablets. Here’s how you can do!

#1. Download POS Malaysia Mobile App from Google Play Store.

#2. Install it on your Android device and launch the app.

#3. Now tap on the search option and enter your tracking number.

#4. Wait for few seconds until the app gets the details of the parcel.

#5. Once done, you will get detailed information on your mail/courier status.

POS Malaysia Mobile Apps for Android

That’s how simple it is to track Poslaju courier on your Android devices. Now let’s see how to do track parcels on iOS devices, a.k.a,  iPhone or iPad.

Poslaju Tracking on iPhone and iPad

Those, who are having iPhones and iPad, can also track and trace Pos Laju with the help of the iOS app. The app is available on Apple’s App Store and is developed by POS Malaysia. The features, theme, functions, etc of the POS Malaysia Mobile app on iOS is the same as an Android app. So here’s how you can do Poslaju tracking on iPhone and iPad.

#1. Download and install POS Malaysia Mobile App from iTunes store.

#2. Launch the app, tap on the search icon from the home screen app.

#3. Now enter Pos Laju tracking no in the search box and tap on the enter option.

#4. Hold on for few seconds till the page loads the delivery details and tracking status of Poslaju mail.

#5. Within a fraction of seconds, you will get the parcel status on your iPhone or iPad.

Pos laju iOS Tracking App

That’s how simple it is to track and trace Poslaju parcels with your iOS devices. If you’re still facing issues with the Poslaju tracking problem, you can always visit the official website which is pos.com.my to get accurate information about your parcels and shipments!

Now let’s move on to the Poslaju rates for National and International deliveries/mails so that you get enough idea about the price you’re going to pay for each parcel.

Poslaju Rates by POS Malaysia

The Poslaju Rates for POS Malaysia vary from service to service and from place to place. It depends on what services you are looking to buy and at the delivery place is the most important factor to decide the Poslaju rates. Besides that, weight is also an important factor to decide Poslaju rates overall.

Poslaju Domestic Rates

Poslaju rates for domestic services can be decided by taking 3 categories into consideration which are Mail type, Weight, and types of the zone. Mail types are Mail, Parcel, and Poslaju. Weight can be varied at your convenience. Types of Zones are local town delivery, within Peninsular Malaysia / Sabah / Sarawak, between Sabah and Sarawak, between Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak, and between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah!

So depending on the selection in the above 3 categories, Poslaju rates will be decided! Here’s the rough estimation of Poslaju tracking numbers and the rates charged by POS Malaysia.

Poslaju rates for Domestic and international mails

Poslaju International Rates

When it comes to international rates of Pos Laju, it’s just 2 factors on which the rates are decided. The weight of the parcel and the country where the parcel is to be delivered! Once you select the weight and the country, you will get the estimated Poslaju rates of the international delivery. You can get all these details on the official website where there’s a separate page for postage calculation.

So this is all about Poslaju shipping prices that you wanted to know about. Let’s now see some of the frequent questions asked by PosLaju customers on Google most of the time.

FAQs by PosLaju Customers!

#1. What is the PosLaju tracking number?

The poslaju tracking number is given to you once the seller drops the parcel at his nearest parcel hub. Once the officials accept the parcel, you will be given a tracking number to get the status of your parcel.

#2. How do I check my PosLaju Parcel?

To check your Poslaju parcel, view the tracking number given below the barcode on the top right of the form. It’s easily visible and one can track the parcel using that tracking number itself.

#3. How can I track PosLaju without a tracking number?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to track and trace the Poslaju parcel without a tracking number. But if you’re a registered customer of Poslaju, you can get the details from customer care by providing your mobile number.

#4. Is Pos Laju and Pos Malaysia the same?

PosLaju started delivering under EMS (Expedited Mail Service) in 1986 under the Pos Malaysia brand. Later on, from 1988, Pos Laju started delivering parcels locally by offering domestic courier services in Malaysia under the PosLaju brand itself.

#5. How long does Poslaju take to deliver?

Usually, Poslaju takes around 1-3 business days to deliver if you live in or around metro areas and it takes around 2-5 business days to deliver if you’re staying in regional areas.


This is all about Poslaju tracking which can be done on our website or on the www.pos.com.my website as well. If you’re facing any issues in tracking the parcel, you can visit the nearest Poslaju office and can confirm the status of your courier.

Let me know if you have any kind of doubts related to Pos Laju tracking or shipping rates or any other thing in the comment section below. Stay tuned on Poslajutracking.org for more informative articles on POS Malaysia!