eFeedback Poslaju: Register Your Complaint or Submit Request Here!

eFeedback PosLaju

If you’re a PosLaju customer, you are here to register your eFeedback or may be you’re not happy with the services provided and you probably want to raise a complaint, isn’t it?

Well, if that’s the case, I will show you how to use eFeedback PosLaju effectively so that you can get quick replies to your problems from Pos Malaysia themselves. This should be done if you don’t get a response from Pos Laju customer service team!

Of course, filling out the Pos Laju feedback form isn’t a rocket science but you need to be very accurate about the information you’re providing in the complaint or request that you’re raising. Here’s how the initial Feedback form of Pos Laju looks like!

eFeedback Poslaju

If you want to submit a request or want to raise a complaint, you can do it directly from the official website but before that, make sure to check our detailed guide to ensure that you get quick replies from the Pos Malaysia officials regarding your query. 

How to Submit a Request Using Poslaju Feedback Form!

The overall process to submit a request is very simple. Here’s how you can get started!

#1. Visit the official website of Pos Laju eFeedback which is efeedback.pos.com.my or simply click here.

#2. Select Request from the Category option and then, head over to Category Details.

Select Request Category in the Pos Malaysia Feedback Form

#3. There are 7 options to select while submitting a request. Here are the ones to select from:

  • Customs Related
  • Request to Hold Item
  • Request Proof of Delivery
  • Request for Redirection
  • Request to Return Item
  • Self Collect
  • Request for Second Delivery

#4. Now, select any of the above listed options in Category Details as per your needs and fill out the remaining details that are related to your parcel.

Request PosLaju Regarding your issues with Feedback form

Pro Tip: Make sure that you write the description in detail and accurately that is easily understandable. The Details of Incidents/Description box can found at the end of the e-Feedback form.

#5. Once you fill out all the information, click on Next and follow the on-screen instructions shown to you. Depending on your parcel type, there are different instructions shown to each user and that’s the reason why I am not providing any screenshot for the same.

That’s it! Your request will now be submitted and you’ll get a response from the officials of Pos Malaysia as soon as they resolve your problem.

Let’s now see how you can raise a complaint by using PosLaju eFeedback if you’re not happy with the services provided by one of the best courier companies in Malaysia.

How to Register a Complaint using e-Feedback PosLaju Online!

When it comes to complaints, there’s a long list of issues that a customer faces. Similarly with Pos Laju, a lot of customers are either unhappy or want to raise a complaint regarding their parcel deliveries. So if you’re one of them, here’s how you can file a complaint against PosLaju using their Feedback form.

#1. Visit the official website of e Feedback Poslaju that is efeedback.pos.com.my to get started!

#2. Now select Complaint option from the Category section and then move on to the Category Details section.

Select Complaint in Category to Raise a Complaint

#3. There are various scenarios why a customer or a seller wants to register a complaint with Poslaju. Have a look at them below!

  • I did not receive my AR Card
  • Issues on compensation matters
  • Item received with some contents missing
  • I received my item in damaged condition
  • I have bad experience with front liners
  • I did not receive notification card
  • I still have not received my item
  • Recipient is unknown
  • My item tracking status is not updated
  • Courier did not pickup my item
  • Item received late
  • I received wrong item

Select Complaint Category Details to Fill eFeedback Form in Pos Laju

#4. Select the preferred option according to the problem you are facing as shown in above image and head over to the further boxes in the Poslaju e Feedback form.

#5. Now, fill out the complete parcel details and your personal information once you select the option from Category Details section. Make sure that you select the Sender, Receiver or 3rd Party option after filling out your parcel details. This would give Pos Malaysia officials an idea about the same.

Fill Poslaju e Feedback Form for Complaint or Request

#6. Once done, fill our the further information and click on Next to follow the on-screen instructions.

Just like request option, when you file a complaint using an eFeedback Poslaju form, make sure you explain your problem clearly in the description box. This would surely help you in getting quick response from the Pos Malaysia officials regarding your complaint.

Closing Thoughts on e Feedback from Pos Laju!

eFeedback is one of the finest portals created by Pos Malaysia for customers, sellers and 3rd party vendors to solve their problems at the earliest! If you’re one of them looking for a quick solution, do fill out the eFeedback Poslaju form and follow the procedure explained below. Just in case, if you have problems in tracking your parcel, you can track them here accurately!

121 thoughts on “eFeedback Poslaju: Register Your Complaint or Submit Request Here!”

  1. Hi morning kenapa barang yang saya pos 6/4/2021 belom di hantat lagi Pos Dari kuching ke Miri je pun pos laju miri memang tak buat kerja ka No Track EHE026494382MY Saya nak barang saya di hantar Hari ni jugak
    Dah lama sangat call office Pos Miri pun tak angkat

  2. Until now still not yet receive….

    2021-04-02 04:59 AMConsignment dispatch out from Transit Office
    Pos Laju Transit Office (KLIA Hub)

    2021-04-02 04:56 AM Item processed.

    Pos Laju Transit Office (KLIA Hub)
    2021-03-24 13:03 PM Item picked up Pos Laju P.Pinang

  3. RR110441019RU

    I want to collect my item by myself!!! Im waiting for delivery four months already!!!!
    Please release it!!!!!!

  4. Your driver was delivered my parcel to wrong person …even they have my contact no why they called me😡…I I’ll make this big issue and sue the company

  5. Percela saya PL957438621061 dari bukit mertajam dari 23 march sampai skrng pun blm juga.sampai..u orang pakai kapal hantar ka..atau bukit mertajam tu dekat mainland chaina sana..u orang ambik..

  6. Percel saya PL957438621061 dari 23 march..sampai skarang blum sampai lagi..masih stuck di pos bukit mertajam..bukit mertajam tu dekat mainland cina ke sampai 2-3 minggu baru nak sampai..

  7. Hello poslaju, disebabkan harini hari ahad boleh tak hantarkan barang saya secepat mungkin harini ini. Sebab esok pagi jam 7, 5 April 2021 saya nak guna barang tu. Lagipun barang sudah ada di Bentong, masih sempat nak hantar harini ke kuantan

  8. pos laju lahat perak
    call suami saya maki2. atas sebab org takde kat rumah. lepas ni mmg tak laa nk guna post laju. jnt better lg dri post laju. kje nak maki org. dh elok bayar nk maki2 pehal. dh org xde nk buat mcm mna . boleh je cakap elok2 tak perlu nak maki2

  9. Parcel yg saya pos ke Limbang Sarawak pd Oktober 2020 hngga sekarang dh 5 bulan belum smpai lg. Dh hubungi pegawai customer servis tp masih tiada penyelesaian.
    EP 735801451MY
    EP 771312938MY
    EP 771312915MY
    EP 720011514MY
    Pohon perhatian dgn segera. Tq

  10. salam jumaat …kemarin petang saya terima kiriman dari eng’s pop corn..sampai barang bukan pop corn yang sampai …tapi rak yang sampai..suda tany hq eng’s pop corn..dorang pun terkejut nampak tu barang..ERC547865652MY no tracking tu memang betul tapi kenapa barang tu yang lain?saya beli tu bukan pakai daun ??????? apa macam kamu atur sampai begitu

  11. Hello Pos Laju, not any contact number can go through customer service, please track my number and get back to me soon la. EA578917672CN

  12. MY217115474399N
    My parcel have been wrong delivery. The receiver name is WENDY. How can I contact her?? The receiver also didn’t contact me if she know the parcel not her things. Please I want my parcel.

  13. Tracking Number: EN376629179MY
    Courier Company: Poslaju Express
    Aug 25, 2020 11:11 AM – Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office (Pos Laju Puchong)
    Aug 25, 2020 11:08 AM – Item processed. (Pos Laju Puchong)
    Aug 21, 2020 01:34 AM – Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office (Pos Laju Transit Office (KLIA Hub))
    Aug 20, 2020 12:28 AM – Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office (Pos Laju Transit Office (KLIA Hub))
    Aug 19, 2020 02:56 AM – Item processed. (Pos Laju Transit Office (KLIA Hub))
    Aug 17, 2020 03:22 PM – Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office (Pos Laju Bintulu)
    Aug 17, 2020 03:19 PM – Item processed. (Pos Laju Bintulu)
    Aug 17, 2020 12:46 PM – Item dispatched out (Bintulu Mail Processing Centre)

    Barang tak deliver sampai sekarang.

  14. My package has been in for more than 1 month in KLIA,
    Reply every time currently this is still in queue for next available commercial flight…
    or your parcel is not uplifted yet due to limited flight…
    pls…delivery soon as possible

    Tracking Status
    Tracking #: RC255250839MY
    Status: Processing
    Item posted over the counter
    Location In Transit
    Date & Time : 05 Feb 2021, 11:52:00 AM

  15. Good day,
    I would like to request for a second delivery for parcel no ERC523871239MY
    to No. 15, Jalan M4, Taman Melawati 53100 KL on the 4th March 2021 as the delivery today was unsuccessful.
    Thank you in advance.

  16. FR201091856MY

    Hi Pos, tolong check barang saya, kenapa masih pending di pejabat post KK dari 23hb lagi tiada kena deliver out. Tolong hantar 26/02, kalau tidak tahu address, tolong call no saya k. Thanks

  17. Oooo…….. Poslajuuuuu!!!!!!! Boleh hantar barang sy cepat kah??? Sampai bila mau tahan barang sy di transit office tuu.. Stress ak mnunggu sdh lah brg tu urgent!!! Adooiii laaa… Agak² laahh… Sudah di bayar lps tu lmbt lg mau htr p empunya brg.. Sudahlah bukn mau htr p rumah , trpksa sndr jgk yg collect brg d pos offce.. Dua brg kot xd gerak dr 12 hr bulan lg.. Cepat htr cpt!!!!!!! Org memerlukan.. Tk kan lah nk jelaskn satu² keadaan org skit yg perlu ubt tuuu…😠

  18. PM210215001054 i need this problem to be resolved as soon as possible. it has been months

    on June 23rd, I had top up my Poslaju Eziemall credit which is RM1000. the money had clearly been deducted on my credit card which i had attached with this email. However, the credit are not being updated on Poslaju Eziemall. it had been months since the problem yet no resolutions from your team even though i had emailed poslaju several times and no replied.

    I sincerely hope your team will be able to resolve this issue as soon as possible or at the very least refund the money back to me

  19. Please update this tracking number..9hb update terakhir..dan sampai skg brg blm gerak² lagi..brg nie important..update this tracking PL701489216924

  20. Item picked up on 13:17 31/1 at Batu Pahat, 2/2 11:20 Item Dispatched out, 3/2 3:51 Item Processed
    Halo PosLaju, how long time u need to process ? Insufficient staff ? Biggest courier service company in Malaysia, but provide the most slowest courier service in Malaysia.

  21. I have send a very important document to turkey since 29/12/2020, by today 2/2/2020 and i have been in touch with them for three weeks asking them to follow up and so far no straight answer, thier tracking doesnt work correctly, they just hand in to other companies and dont even care after wards. AVOID at ALL COST

    AX000118659MY still no update about my document, is it lost!!

  22. Call x jawap dah mati ke apa org yg kat poslaju tu . Org nak kepastian kalau MCM x sempat nak hantar aku boleh je pick up sana . Aku tahu byk yg nak dihantar kalau x sempat aku pick up senang cerita . Ni call pon x jawap MCM mana nak buat bincang.

  23. 29/01/2021
    Poslaju tawau anta barang saya ditempat lain. Kalau kertas alamat tu xnmpak atau rosak . saya boleh terima lagi kesalahan salah hantar rumah ! Nasib baik tuan rumah tu jujur dan call saya. Kata barang saya kat dye. Siap owner tu hantar lagi Brg tu kat saya. Kalau dpt org jnis xjujur. Kerugian saya sapa nak ganti ?!!! Dah la barang saya tu beratus ringgit. Lagi bagus guna hikmat J&T . apa² dye org call. Bukan mcm kamurang. Servis teruk !

  24. I am filing a COMPLAINT against POSLAJU!!!!
    My item EF984314204JP which has arrived in Malaysia since December I have not received until now. It is already February! I have called, emailed and filed a complain many times but no action. The status is already dispatched out since January 20 but no update. I am already frustrated of what is happening. We understand it is MCO but please be considerate to your customers too. 🙁

  25. Parcel still stuck at transit office since 23/12/20 up until today 26/01/21 😂 Beli barang guna gaji last month, now gaji this month dah masuk but barang still sangkut. Jom fight siapa tnggu paling lama 🙈 syabas poslaju berjaya perap lama2 barang sy, agak2 dah jd tapai kot 😂 complaint dah 3 kali, wujud ka xlg barang sy tu tuhan saja tahu 💁💁

  26. PL859369852749
    Address to baram,sarawak, not in miri, how can you ask receiver collect at miri branch??? 2 hour journey!!!!!!!! Kindly arrange shipment to baram not miri!!!!!

  27. PL231953574198
    Saya punya parcels stuck dkt situ je ke? 3hari dah and tiada update apa2. Biasanya dlm 3 hari ke 4 hari dah deliver ke sya. Please i need the parcel urgently. Please fix any problem with the parcel. And deliver as soon as possible. Tq

  28. My parcel already dispatched out from 4 january and still stuck at poslaju parcel hub, no movement untill now. What’s really happen actually? Please make double check immediately. Thank you. Tracking number: ERC504671169MY

  29. My parcel (EP758744678MY) still stuck and take a long time to update new location. I need that parcel urgent. please. Thank you

  30. We paid the Poslaju for the parcel to be sent to our address right?Poslaju runner / staff asked the customer to pick up the parcel from Poslaju office itself. Is it appropriate? Or just another lazy staff……huh

  31. Pos Laju did not deliver my international order due to COVID19, but he also did not return my money to me. The package returned, but since September I have been waiting for my refund without any response. I received only this number (03-22672112-compensation hq)
    When Wil I receive my money back?
    I sincerely expected better treatment, I am disappointed and I think I will have to look for a lawyer.

  32. Hi there, my parcel (ERC483063381MY) still stuck at your Kelana Jaya branch since 20 Nov & no movement. Kindly check & expedite your parcel delivery to me soonest. Your prompt action very much appreciated. Thanks, Sienny

  33. Wahai Pos LAMBAT SUNGAI BESAR or SUNGAI BAAAAAASARRR.. bila la barang mahu update? Dari 28/11 sampai 03/12 barang masih “Item Posted Over The Counter”…Takkanlah hampir seminggu update pun belum ada? Kalau barang belum sampai tu ok lagi, ini yg menunggu update pun jadi susah hati..entah terima barang pada 2022..
    Tolong periksa dan update TQ PL866052743161


  35. Didn’t get any update since 30 oct. Its been a month now masih tiada update on my parcel. Berapa lama lagi nah tunggu? I do understand the situation but i received my other parcel from overseas. Why no update?

  36. POS LAJU TRACKING NUMBER : PL 217803861242
    Rider memberi alasan tidak mahu menghantar barang yang kami order sebab BERAT. Dia meminta staff yang semuanya PEREMPUAN untuk collect sendiri kat tingkat bawah & angkat semua barang yang kita order. Rasanya patut @ tidak patut ye. Cara komunikasi yang biadap & byk sgt alasan. Sekiranya saya tidak collect barang tersebut di tingkat bawah, automatik dia nak tulis note tiada penerima. Bukan sekali 2 ye Rider Pos Laju bersikap macam ni. Setiap kali office order barang wlupun ringan..saya terpaksa collect sendiri.

  37. Hi, my parcel still stuck in dispatch out from 16 November until now. May I know the reason? My tracking number is PL430848005024. Hope you could take action on it. I am worrying about my parcel. Thank you

  38. POSLAJU take 4days to delivered from Subang to Ampang.
    That postman just dropped my parcel in front of my office and then get back to his van.
    Not even wait for owner to pick it up???Poslaju company should hired people which full of responsibility! Thank you!

  39. Kenapa barang sy dari 6hb masih dekat pos laju wangsa maju…hari nie dah 10hb.selalu sekejap jew barang dah sampai,nie tak bergerak gerak lg dr wangsa maju…nie no tracking PL685378138616

  40. To whom it may concern,
    My parcel under tracking number EHE010611316MY posted over to poslaju kluang counter on 26 Oct 2020 at 5:35pm but until today (9 Nov 2020) receiver still not yet receive the parcel. Pls pay immediate action. Thanks

  41. Boleh tlg check parcel saya tak… PL699907458918 baramg saya dekat poslaju subang jaya.. Sampai skang x gerak² lagi dan tak update apa²…

  42. To whom it may concern,
    My parcel posted over to poslaju counter on 2 Nov 2020 at 4:39pm, but until today 6 Nov 2020 receiver called and informed not yet receive the parcel and poslaju tracking system also do not have latest update!
    Parcel tracking numbers is EHE011249981MY, parcel from Kluang, Johor to Sungai Petani, Kedah.
    Pls pay immediately action. TQ

  43. Hi Poslaju,
    My parcel AX000884496MY have not arrived yet . Been in custom quarantine since 20 October 2020. Please look on the matter asap.Thanks.

  44. The box all kene minyak angin Why before send to house no check Was my mother received she dont know and your delivery guy not responsibility for that

  45. Sy ade menerima call dari pos laju untuk penghantaran barang tetapi pihak pos laju bertanyakan dengan nada yang sedikit biadap. Seumpama menaikkan suara terhadap saya. Sejurus saya menjelaskan keadaan saya, staff tersebut terus sahaja mematikan talian dengan cara yang sangat biadap. Sila ambil perhatian. Saya tidak mahu mempamerkan nombor telefon yang telah menghubungi saya demi menjaga nama baik pihak. Terima kasih

  46. Sila check parcel AX000984273MY. Saya hantar asiaxpress sejak 21 Oct but samapai hari ni 25 Oct takde update dlm tracking. Saya nak tahu dimana parcel saya…!!!!

  47. I Already make a complaint a week ago still no response till now. My complaint number PM201016000295. Do I need to wait another week for the response? kindly call me regarding the complaint ASAPP!!!!!

  48. Please check n update saye pnye parcel Erc463940805my xupdate ape2 pun..barang ade jer kat situ KLIA hub tu…please poslaju name jer poslaju …

  49. Hello,
    Pls check my parcel , tracking no ERC401129486MY . My parcel has stuck since 13/08/2020 and now already 17/10/2020. It almost 2 month I didnt receive my parcel. Can you pls take fast action to check and send my parcel immediately !!!
    Thank You

  50. tolong cek parcel saya EP759970260MY, dari 18.8.2020 msh dkt HUB klia.Mohon kerjasama pihak yg berwajib supaya sya dpt terima parcel sya secepatnya.

  51. Please hantar sekali lagi ye , customer xde transport nak dtng collect lagi dia anak baby
    Mcm mn kata unsuccessful delivery cust ada jer kat umah,sy pun dah bagi note tak jumpa alamat sila call penerima,number phone poslaju semua tak aktif,pingsaaan 😔
    Ini track no customer PL146264085634.
    Klang – Selangor dkt jer pun tp barang dah stuck 10hari


    NO TRACKING : EP747011084MY


    • Samalah #poslaju kota kinabalu !!!barang sya dri 19/08/2020 stuck d poslaju kk!!! Tolong lah teruk btul,kmi byr tu brg bukan utk ksi lama2 sana…!!! So tolong ksi usaha lh cpat !!!
      Tracking number :EHA207402208MY

  53. Kenapa barang saya belum sampai ke tenom?.
    Kenapa lambat sangat hantar ke dearah tenom..mau habis bulan sda pun x pandai sampai2x barang saya.

  54. PLEASE UPDATE MY TRACKING STATUS! since 11/09/2020 sampai sekarang still stuck dekat KLIA HUB. tolong percepatkan kerja dan pergerakkan. I NEED MY PARCEL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! URGENT! I DO THE EFEEDBACK and ASKPOST, but there is still no progress at all, tak gerak, tak update! i do call poslaju but they didn’t pick up! PLEASE CHECK MY PARCEL EP741446012MY.

  55. please check my parcel. Tracking number ERC422961522MY. It stuck at KLIA Hub since 4september!! I do the efeedback before too and call the poslaju but they didn’t pick up!!

  56. EP754248639MY. Please update dalam system sekarang barang dekat mana. Last update 4 September.
    Dah lebih seminggu dah parcel tak sampai2 ni bukan Sabah Sarawak, Semenanjung je pun. Order from overseas pun parcel lagi cepat sampai.
    Kalau dulu 2-3hari dah boleh sampai, Ini lebih seminggu pun tak sampai2 lagi. Ape cer Pos”laju”?

  57. Hello Pos Laju mana barang saya..kenapa tak update dekat mana barang saya sekarang SILA UPDATE PL724467548051 kami bayar mahal bkn kami bayar pakai Air LIUR YE BRO..kalau dh sampai kuching sila Hantar au cak

  58. CD354506147MY
    Bosskur!!.. Entah bila la nak upadate barang ni. Kesian dengan sender tak dapat nak release payment dia.. Boleh tolong check kalau tak busy.. efeedback pun kurang data, dah isi form penuh minta balik info. Entah info apa dia minta. Kita nak update location barang je pun..harap2 rajin2 la baca comment ni.. Tq.

  59. Hello sila update saya punya tracking pl900830944905..sudah 2 hari tak d update..nam je post laju..tap malas nak update barang..bayar.penghantaran mahal service slow..hello kmi org bayar pkai duit bkn pkei air liur ye..kalau malas tak payah kerja

  60. Hi. Please check my tracking number at HUB ERC403405399MY. Stuck since 14/8/2020 and it’s urgent! I called the poslaju centre but didnt pickup!

  61. Saya cuba buka akaun eziemall. Mudah nak berurusan beli flexipack dan sebagainya. Tetapi tak boleh-boleh buka akaun.

    Log in failed. Akaun locked.

    Apa maksudnya ni. Username dan password yang betul digunakan pun tetap bermasalah.
    Sila selesaikan masalah itu

    • Hi. Please check my tracking number at HUB PL865527195717 . and it’s urgent! I called the poslaju centre but didnt pickup!
      Tracking Number: PL865527195717
      Courier Company: Poslaju Express
      i sending my package from kuala lumpur to lahad datu…why now reach beaufort pos office?

  62. hello pls check my parcel ERC412178037MY. saya taktahu skrng barang saya dekat mana, lama dah tunggu tapi tk sampai sampai. dah la nk check tracking boleh pulak dia tulis not found. barang yang dlm parcel tu tujuannya untuk saya settelkan assignment saya 😡😡😡

  63. EP737935249MY

    Parcel ni saya hantar 3hb ogos 2020 ke sandakan..tapi sampai sekarang customer saya belum terima lagi parcel ni..dah hampir 3 minggu..bila cek tracking no..takde update pulak..update sampai 8hb ogos 2020 jer..tolong laa cepat sikit atau system tracking tu update..jadi saya boleh tau kat mana parcel tu sekarang.

  64. ERC388394762MY.
    Tolong cek barang sy ni, efeedbck dah isi bnyk kali, call poslaju alor gajah berpuluh kali tak angkat². Duk stuck dkt sana drpd 21july smpai harini 20ogos, sebulan tahu tak korang peram. Kalau ada mslh pun customer call tu angkat laa, tolong selesaikan mslh ni. Sy dh xtahu nk buat mcm mana, isi efeedback pun mcm x isi xde respond langsung, call pun x angkat.

  65. Barang saya lama sudah stuck di pejabat pos kuching. Dah lepas tu dorang suruh saya ambik sendiri dekat pejabat pos. Dah postage saya bayar mahal. Sekarang ni pulak dorang hantar balik dekat ampang. Sesat pergi mana pun tak tahu. Padahal sender dekat tempat lain. Dimohon semoga perbaiki lagi perkhidmatan. Terima kasih. EHA195442975MY

  66. Haiii…Mohon kerjasama sila cek bungkusan sya Nombor ERC156398728MY.Sampai sekarang masih belum sampai ke limbang sarawak.

  67. Hai Please check my tracking number.
    Tracking No: FE 204909049 MY
    Almoat one week no any updates,last location at MPC alor star. Thanks.

  68. Dear Pos Laju ,

    Im HIDAYU HALIM , im just wanna ask about my parcel .. i have 2 parcel post to australia from malaysia but why till now my parcel still not received to me ? First parcel , already 1 months ago . How can i know where is my parcel if in trace n tracking is nothing updates. Last update 27/7/20 , thats parcel already start post on 16/7/20 but till now still nothing . Second parcel , 27/7/20 start post and last update 4/8/20, in trace they said route to australia but now today 10/8/20 still not received ? Why your service so slow ??? I cant wait anymore , because the cost is not cheap . If i know your service very slow im never use . The cost post to here is rm500 . Plis recheck again, im so upset with your service .

    This is tracking number .
    1st parcel EE059374144MY
    2d parcel EE006291995MY .

    I hope i can get my parcel early . This is because very URGENT to me . TQ .

  69. This courier never call me when I’m not at home.. At least call let me knw so that I can ask someone to take.. Somemore, the office number they given in the card cnt contact.. I feel so bad as I need to go to the pos laju by myself and pay extra for grab fees.. 😤

  70. Bila nak hantar barang saya, sudah sampai sampai Kuching tapi tidak hantar apa guna bayar mahal tapi service lambat

  71. Pos Malaysia mana pergi barang saya??? Dari bulan 3 tak sampai lagi!!! Itu buku budak sekolah saya di pedalaman!!!! 😡😡😡


  72. Maaf tapi Surat yang saya pos sudah 5 hari stuck di klia hub. Surat itu penting sangat dan kena sampai sebelum 6/8. Like seriously stuck sampai 5 hari pleaselah apa ni????!!!!. Please Surat tu penting sgt2 dan perlu SAMPAI SEBELUM 6/8. Ni no tracking barang EH818952882MY. Pleaselah urgent surat tu nasib aku dalam surat tu. MENYESAL AKU PAKAI POSLEMBAP NI.

  73. Hai..my parcel already post almost one month..but my friend not receive yet…
    My tracking number:
    Can help me check

  74. Hi, boleh tak saya tahu latest tracking number saya EP739998312MY berada dimana. Tracking number last update 8/7/2020. Saya dah bnyk kali buat e-feedback tapi sllu dpt incomplete complaint. Nama dkt column receiver tak boleh letak apa2 smybol sprti (@#&). Klau tulis saya xblh tekan next untuk complain. Tapi saya dh tulis dkt ruang complain secara detail ttg nama full receiver tapi still sama incomplete. Harap sgt kerjasama dri pihak cik. Skli lgi tracking number EP739998312MY.

  75. Eh.. Pls check my parcel number LP004464110MY at klia hub.. Sudah lama stuck di hub.. My parcel urgent la.. Kalau tdk. Buat apa bayar mahal2..

  76. Hello, saya Linda George nak barang saya cepat dihantar kerana barang tu urgent. Ni hampir sebulan suda barang saya tida sampai ni. Pihak poslaju sila la ambil tegas sikit berkaitan hal ni. Harap faham situasi, kalau seminggu dua saya boleh terima lagi, ini dah nak sebulan okay. Kalau barang tu expired ? Korang nak ganti ke ? Ni tracking number saya EU021314319MY. Sila hantar dengan segaraa. Harap maklum

  77. Hello.pls check my tracking number ep720661191my.. from 12 July till now 21july not receive yet.and another one..ep720661126my from 17july till now 21july both still in transit..pls update to me by email thank you.

  78. Haiii…Mohon kerjasama sila cek bungkusan sya Nombor ERC292497289MY.sehingga sekarang sya msh belum menerima barang tersebut hampir satu bulan..dan saya dapati barang sya kini berada d cawangan pejabat pos di sibu..sedangkan sya berada d kota samarahan kuching..alamat dan kawasan daerah dan poskod semuanya betul tapi barang boleh sampai ke sibu..

  79. Please POslaju I am pretty fedup with your service as I have filed complaint yet no feedback So please lah call your company slogan is pos lembab instead of poslaju. All phone line on website not working extreme poor image. I am expecting this parcel to arrive EHA 07 143 316 3MY which was shipped by Vendor Anya Kebaya on 15/6/20. Followed tracking daily which says transit in KL the what the heck use tracking that does not function. Please lah can you be what you say in your company website. To show your transparency to you do not lose this customer!

  80. Consignment dispatch out from transit office 1/07/2020@1.01am, terima status nie pada 10 julai bila cuba track parcel selepas buat aduan di efeedback pada hari sebelumnya. Banyak persoalan yang ingin saya ajukan tetapi customer service tak jawab panggilan.

    Tiada follow up diterima selepas aduan di buat. Mengikut daripada status yang saya terima hasil daripada track and trace menggunakan tracking number, fahaman saya parcel tersebut telah keluar dari transit pada 1 julai 2020 dan sehingga kini belum tiba lagi di cawangan pos laju terdekat kerana tiada maklumat diterima berkenaan dengan parcel saya selepas keluar daripada parcel hub pada 1 julai 2020.

    Adakah parcel saya telah tiba di pos laju terdekat? Ataupun parcel tersebut masih berada di mana-mana pusat penggumpulan pos laju feedback? 10 hari keberadaan parcel saya tidak diketahui?

    Charge penghantaran sebanyak RM106.93 telah di bayar tetapi maklumat keberadaan parcel pun payah nak dapat. Tolong update status parcel, sudah 10 hari keluar dari parcel hub takkan masih belum sampai. Bersama-sama ini saya sertakan nombor tracking parcel saya untuk tindakan selanjutnya daripada pihak tuan/puan. ERC214900322MY.

  81. HAII.. Pleace check my parcel Number ERC235513876MY.
    kenapa parcel saya sampai ke Alor Star ye.sedangkan alamat ke SARAWAK.saya check alamt dan poskod semua betul.Sampai sekarang masih stuck di Alor Star..mohon kerasama poslaju ye.barang hampir 2 minggu lebih tak sampai.Terima kasih.

    • Pls check my parcel , this is the tracking no EP717687477MY . Ive doing efeedback and call the poslaju centre but didnt pickup ! The parcel has stuck since 26/07 and now already 5/08 . Pls solve this and send my parcel immediately !!!

      Im really hope fr your cooperation , pls consider about it because the the parcel really important and urgent . Thanks

    • HELLO!!!
      PLEASE CEK MY PARCEL MY206527753012B Boleh tau dmna brng sy sdah ??sbb dri 25/07 hingga 10/08 brng sy d POS LAJU TRANSIT KLIA HUB…blh tak tolong updates brng tuh smpai mana dah…Lama dah sya tggu..1 month dah nie…blm smpai lagi barang….

      • Hai
        Boleh cek tak parcel saya di mana ni no ny PL610985878206 Item dh dispatch out pd 9/11/2020 tp sampai sekarang xsampai2 lagi. Hantar ke pahang xkan ambil masa seminggu kot. Ke kene naik flight nk hntr barang, xpn tenggelam dgn brg2 yg byk tu

      • barang saya pos laju tak hantar….knp tak telephone saya? no track saya EP 79 068 168 3MY….saya nak awak hantar barang saya dengan secepat yang mungkin atau saya akan ambik tindakan


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