PosLaju Tracking Number Example with Shipment Tracking Guide!

Poslaju Tracking Number

Poslaju is a popular courier service provider company. Based in Malaysia, Poslaju tracking number delivers packages across the world. The company was established in early 1800 and enables the customers to send packages from one place to another.

There are various services offered by the company one of the most convenient services is a tracking service that allows the customer to keep a track of their shipment. The company has extensive networking and location that helps customers keep track of their package. Besides that, they also have PosLaju customer service which provides 24 X 7 service for its customers.

Poslaju Tracking Number Example

PosLaju offers both international and domestic services for both personal and business purposes. The domestic services include next day delivery, same day delivery, time bound delivery, Borneo economy express, pos express, parcel, prepaid box, and envelope. Poslaju tracking number example also offers international courier service transfer to more than 240 countries around the world and also affiliated with major global companies.

Under the express services, Poslaju offers faster delivery and safety of your equipment with 100% customer satisfaction and timely delivery. There are other value added services such as insurance, packaging, pickup services etc. Additional services include PosLaju tracking number example with Flyers and pack services. Do check out the Poslaju International & domestic rates before you hire the services.

Poslaju Tracking Number

How to Track PosLaju Online Shipment

Tracking your shipment or parcel through Poslaju is extremely convenient and easy way to do. You don’t require any special skill to stay updated about the status of your shipment. In order to track your shipment, all you need to do is keep your tracking number.

  • First thing you need to do is get the tracking number of your package at the time of registration
  • The tracking number usually consists of 4 digit and 9 alphabets. The format of a tracking number could be AA987654321BB.
  • After getting a valid tracking number, you need to visit the official website of Poslaju tracking

Poslaju Tracking Number Example

  • Enter the tracking number in the box and then click on track button
  • Details of your consignment will be available on screen after you enter the details
  • Tracking status consists of the delivery date, shipment date, type of parcel, present location of shipment and next step etc. In case the tracking status doesn’t show any results then you may have entered the incorrect number or the data is not updated on the website.

Poslaju tracking number is a newly introduced feature provided by Poslaju Malaysia. It helps keep track of shipment in an easy and convenient manner. For every shipment dispatched by Poslaju, a unique tracking number is provided to the customer that enables its tracking.

The tracking can be done online on the website and if you’re facing any issues, you can always check the solution from Poslaju tracking no update post here! Poslaju tracking and tracing can be done easily by entering the tracking number in the box.

Track and Trace PosLaju

We hope that you got enough information on PosLaju tracking number example and the overall process to check the Poslaju tracking number online so that you can track your shipment. Let me know if you have any doubts regarding Poslaju Tracking Number Example or any other query in the comment section below. I will get back to you with a perfect solution for tracking PosLaju online without any hassles.

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  1. Seller dh pos brg 18/5/21 sekarang dh 8/6/21bila brg sy nk sampai.. simpan dan peram buat perkasam ke.. sblm wujud lg PKP 3.0 ni dh masuk pkp 3.0 x berjaln2 lg brg sya.. nk kna tggu sampai hujung tahun ke atau pos laju nk buat prem brg sya tu .

  2. barang saya sudah di hantar oleh seller,dan sudah dapat nombor tracking dari seller.kenapa saya check not found .
    balas dengan segera,ini untuk baju raya saya!!!

  3. Seamat pagi kenapa
    Baraaang saya belum sampai” lagi Smpai sekrang.kena kirim masa 12hb skrng SDH 24 hb??
    Alamat Sipitang Sabah
    Tapi barang saya sekarang ada di miri.knpa sampai ke Miri
    No tracking saya
    EP 80 986 639 0 MY

  4. EP807430046MY

  5. Hello. My parcel’s tracking number is: My214976878658B which is a coffee powder came from south kuria. since 22 of March my parcel been kept in post laju until today which is 26 of March. Why post laju doesn’t sent to me yet? I’m staying in puchong prima very close to post laju in puchong ( just 6 km distance ). you can contact me by email or whats app or call me directly to inform me about the day that you prefer to send my parcel. my contact number is: 01161625400 Hamid.

  6. PL324193479429

    25/2/2021 – Arrived at delivery facility Cawangan serahan Kapar

    24/2/2021 – Arrived at delivery facility Klang

    Alamat berada di Klang, kenapa brg ada di Kapar?

  7. How come cannot check oversea tracking number?
    How come my address got thousand dispatcher can reach ,ur dispatcher cannot reach?
    How come got phone number stick in front also dun know to call?if yes then
    How come ur company can hired a illiteracy?

    • Hari rabu barang saya out of delivery, lepastu check status unsuccessful delivering.. Note pun tak tinggal, orang ada je kat rumah.. Call poslaju ampang tak angkat, please delivery balik item saya tu.. Tracking no PL853668200503

  8. My Document tacking number EE047993746MY still not received sent from 11 Jun 2020 updated since 14 July 2020 Processing , Please check. Thanks


  10. Tracking Number: ERC241087470MY
    Courier Company: Poslaju Express
    Jul 01, 2020 12:31 AM – Item processed. (PosLaju Parcel Hub)
    Jun 30, 2020 07:03 PM – Item dispatched out (Pos Laju Brickfields)
    Jun 30, 2020 05:25 PM – Item picked up (Pos Laju Brickfields)

    Pasal apa lama sangat prosesnya. Dah seminggu Di tempat sama. Boleh update sikit..

    • Please update my item tracking status..Its not updated since 30 july..Today 6 august already..so frustrating..


    • Barang sy dah seminggu KT pos kepala batas…bla sy p tnya staff perempuan ckp kna tunggu minggu depan…EP735004903MY


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