Where is PRK Sorting Centre Shopee Express Location?

Shopee Express is known for their accurate delivery times but since the shopping season, the delivery times have got extended.

That said, a new sorting centre is observed by the users while tracking their parcel on Shopee express. It’s PRK sorting centre. It’s becoming difficult for users to check the location of PRK sorting centre of Shopee express.


A plethora of parcels are already stuck at the PRK centre in Malaysia and there’s no word about the exact location till now.

PRK Sorting Centre Shopee Express

PRK Sorting Centre Shopee Location

The exact location of PRK sorting centre is still unknown but we will soon find out the exact location and update it here.


We’ve previously committed to find locations of several other sorting centers like DDR Shopee, MKZ Centre, SOC 3 Shopee, SOC 2 Philippines, U 10 Shopee, and a few more to name and we did it successfully. We shall find the location of PRK Shopee express too at the earliest.

Should you have any issues with your parcel delays, you can connect with the Shopee Express executives at the contact details given below.

PRK Sorting Centre Contact Number!

The contact number of PRK sorting center of Shopee Express is: +603-2777-9222


However, you can track the parcel on your Shopee Express app as well but it will show you the same location of PRK sorting center at last. So it’s better to contact the customer case and get the much needed information of your parcel.

Operating Hours of Shopee Express PRK Sorting Center

Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5:30 PM

Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM

Sunday: Closed

Whether you’re willing to drop a parcel or pickup an unattended parcel when it was delivered at your home, the operating hours given above will come handy, take a note of them.

Final Words on PRK Sorting Center

There are numerous sorting centers of Shopee express around the world, especially in Malaysia and Philippines. Millions of parcels go through these sorting centers weekly. That said, it’s difficult to find locations of all the sorting centres at present where the volume of parcels is always high.

We’re trying our best to find out the exact location of the same and will update you here once we get the same. Till then, stay tuned to our blog to track your parcels live at several sorting centres around the world!