Poslaju Parcel Hub Location: Get Full Details of Parcel Hub Here!

There are several status updates when you start tracking your parcels from PosLaju. You will see terms like Item Processed, Arrived at Delivery Facility, Consignment dispatch out from transit office, Item Dispatched Out, Item Picked up etc in the “Process section” of tracking. But what you see in the “Events or Office section” is still not clear to many customers. And one of them is Poslaju Parcel Hub!

What is Poslaju Parcel Hub?

The term Poslaju Parcel Hub means that your parcel has arrived at the nearest hub from where the parcel will be either dispatched (if seller’s location) or delivered (if near to your location)! The Parcel hub office location depends on the seller’s location and the delivery address.


I understand that you’re anxious to receive your parcels, be it an online order or a parcel from friend. And once you get the Poslaju tracking number, you always tend to refresh to see the status and at the end you find “Poslaju Parcel Hub” which doesn’t have any location.

Poslaju Parcel Hub
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I hope that it’s now clear from the above definition that what is parcel hub in your Poslaju tracking status. If not, read on to know more in detail with step by step explanation of parcel tracking received from your Poslaju account.

If you’re looking for Poslaju Parcel hub location or want to know the meaning of the same, it’s explained below.


12 Statuses Including Poslaju Parcel Hub Explained!

As I mentioned earlier in this post that there are several parcel status and I’m now going to explain each and every status with the meaning so that you don’t get confused.

#1. The Item is Posted Over the Counter!

This indicates that the seller has just left your parcel at his/her nearest Poslaju office and the item has now got the barcode which has been scanned. It’s the first step to process your parcel.

#2. Consignment Received & Processed from Posting at Post Offices!

This means that the receiving Poslaju office/branch has now received your parcel details and it will be dispatched soon from the original location to the destination.


#3. Item Dispatched Out

Yes, your will now be over as you are all set to receive the parcel soon. This means that the parcel has now been shipped to the destination from the seller’s location.

#4. Item Processed!

Now your parcel reaches the nearest Parcel Hub from where the seller dropped your parcel. In this Poslaju Parcel Hub, your item will now be sorted according to the delivery location and will be processed accordingly.

Where is Poslaju Parcel Hub Location
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#5. Consignment Dispatch Out from Transit Office!

Once the parcel is sorted, it’s now ready to dispatch out from the transit office of Poslaju. This Poslaju Parcel hub is nearest to the location from where the seller had dropped your parcel.

#6. Arrived at Delivery Facility at…. 

Now this location completely depends on the parcel hub of Poslaju that is near to the delivery location. With a simple search of Poslaju near me, you can easily find the nearest Poslaju office near your location or you can simply visit this category page to know the address of the offices along with maps. Here, the Poslaju Parcel hub means, it’s near to your location and not the seller’s location.

#7. Item Out for Delivery!

Finally, you wait is worth! The item is now out for delivery from the nearest Poslaju post office. Most probably, once you get this status, you’ll receive the parcel the same day. But at times, you need to wait for 1 more days if you get the below status!

#8. Item Posted After Cut Off Time!

This usually happens when the parcel is out for delivery but due to cut off time (end of working hours), the parcel will be delivered the next day at the earliest! In such cases, you need to wait 1 more day if you see this particular status on your Poslaju tracking screen.

#9. Item Can Be Collected At…..

You’ll see this status at times when there’s no one at your home to pick up the parcel. In such circumstances, the delivery person sends your parcel to the nearest Poslaju post office. After that, you need to collect the parcel on your own.

#10. Direct Delivery to Ezibox!

Ezibox is a self pickup service introduced by Poslaju back in 2016. When there’s no post office near to your delivery location, the delivery person drops your parcel at Ezibox near to you. Once the parcel is dropped, you’ll receive an SMS with a code. You can use this code to get your parcel from Ezibox’s locker. Here’s how it works.

#11. Item Delivered To……

Right after status #7 in the list above, if you find this status (#11), you will receive the parcel directly at your doorstep without any hassles. The status 8, 9 and 10 above are very rare but they might happen when the receiver isn’t available at the location.

#12. Unsuccessful Delivery. Please Contact 1 300 300 300. Address Not Available!

Yes, this happens many times when the address is not given correctly by a customer. This could be because of the negligence of the delivery person or may be the person didn’t found your house too. In such cases, you need to contact on the number given in the status or you can directly connect with the officials with this Poslaju contact number. I usually do the same when I don’t receive my parcels.

So these are the various statuses that are given in Poslaju tracking details. Let’s now have a look at some frequently asked questions by Poslaju customers regarding the Parcel hub and it’s location.

Want to know what’s your parcel position at the moment, track it from here


FAQs on Parcel Hub!

1. What is Parcel Hub?

Parcel hub is a location where the seller drops the parcel for order processing. It is also the nearby location where the parcel would be dispatched to your location.

2. Why is my parcel still in transit PosLaju?

The parcel still shows in transit because the seller has just left the parcel at the nearest parcel hub and the PosLaju worker would now scan the parcel to capture the data of the parcel.

3. How do I check my PosLaju parcel?

To track your PosLaju parcel, visit pos.com.my, which is the official website. Moreover, if the offficial website isn’t working, you can visit poslajutracking.org to know the whereabouts of your PosLaju parcel.

4. Can I pickup my package from poslaju?

Yes, you can pickup your parcel from Poslaju with the help of Ezibox. When the delivery guy doesn’t find appropriate address or you’re not available to take the parcel, they will drop the parcel at Ezibox for self pickup.

5. How long does PosLaju take to deliver?

Depending on the delivery location, Poslaju usually takes 2-5 business after the order is processed. The order processing takes around 48 hours once the seller drops the parcel at the parcel hub.

6. What does item processed mean PosLaju?

Item processed status means your delivery details are received by the nearest Poslaju branch from your location. It would usually take 2-3 business days to deliver the parcel once the item is processed.

If you’re still wondering where’s your parcel or about the tracking status, you can track it here!

Any More Doubts on Parcel Hub?

I hope that you’re now clear about what is Poslaju Parcel hub and how you can find the nearest one. If you’re still facing any issues to find the hub location, you can always drop your questions in the comment section below to get it solved!