MYJHBA – International Mail Sorting Center in Malaysia

If you had recently ordered a product online and you’re tracking the parcel, you must have noticed few codes such as MYJHBA, MYKULA, BEBRUM and a lot more!

What is MYJHBA?

MYJHBA is an international mail sorting center located in Johot Bahru city of Malaysia. This processing center acts as a transit point in order to forward your parcels to the respective international postal companies.


This is very much similar to the domestic parcel delivery where all the parcels are routed to Pos Laju parcel hub like KLIA and then sent out to delivery. The same way, MYJHBA is used as a transit point between the international postal companies.

The seller sends the parcel to Pos Malaysia (Malaysia Post) and then it’s processed to MYJHBA in order to reach the destination (various countries in the world). Other parcels that land in Malaysia through connecting cargo flights are also forwarded to the same sorting center.

MYJHBA - International Mail Sorting Center in Malaysia


What Does it Mean?

Well this isn’t necessary that your parcel is being delivered from Malaysia itself. Sometimes it may be from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and other surrounding countries.

Not all parcels are delivered directly to your doorstep from the point of origin. They have to pass through so-called international mail processing centers and one of them is MYJHBA, the one which you’re searching for at present.

You must have observed the code “MYJHBA” when you’re tracking your parcel with Poslaju or any other postal company’s tracking number provided by your seller.


This is the indication that your parcel is being routed through Malaysia’s International sorting center and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the origin of the parcel or seller’s warehouse is from Malaysia.

I hope you’re now clear about what is MYJHBA and what’s the meaning of it. If your parcel is being delivered by Pos Malaysia or Malaysia Post, you can contact them for any queries regarding your order or delivery issues.