PosLaju Tracking Number Example with Shipment Tracking Guide!

Poslaju Tracking Number

Poslaju is a popular courier service provider company. Based in Malaysia, Poslaju tracking number delivers packages across the world. The company was established in early 1800 and enables the customers to send packages from one place to another.

There are various services offered by the company one of the most convenient services is a tracking service that allows the customer to keep a track of their shipment. The company has extensive networking and location that helps customers keep track of their package. Besides that, they also have PosLaju customer service which provides 24 X 7 service for its customers.

Poslaju Tracking Number

Poslaju Tracking Number Example

PosLaju offers both international and domestic services for both personal and business purposes. The domestic services include next day delivery, same day delivery, time bound delivery, Borneo economy express, pos express, parcel, prepaid box, and envelope. Poslaju tracking number example also offers international courier service transfer to more than 240 countries around the world and also affiliated with major global companies.

Under the express services, Poslaju offers faster delivery and safety of your equipment with 100% customer satisfaction and timely delivery. There are other value added services such as insurance, packaging, pickup services etc. Additional services include PosLaju tracking number example with Flyers and pack services. Do check out the Poslaju International & domestic rates before you hire the services.

How to Track PosLaju Online Shipment

Tracking your shipment or parcel through Poslaju is extremely convenient and easy way to do. You don’t require any special skill to stay updated about the status of your shipment. In order to track your shipment, all you need to do is keep your tracking number.

  • First thing you need to do is get the tracking number of your package at the time of registration
  • The tracking number usually consists of 4 digit and 9 alphabets. The format of a tracking number could be AA987654321BB.
  • After getting a valid tracking number, you need to visit the official website of Poslaju tracking

Poslaju Tracking Number Example

  • Enter the tracking number in the box and then click on track button
  • Details of your consignment will be available on screen after you enter the details
  • Tracking status consists of the delivery date, shipment date, type of parcel, present location of shipment and next step etc. In case the tracking status doesn’t show any results then you may have entered the incorrect number or the data is not updated on the website.

Nonetheless, you can also check your Poslaju tracking number status by using the below given box.


Poslaju tracking number is a newly introduced feature provided by Poslaju Malaysia. It helps keep track of shipment in an easy and convenient manner. For every shipment dispatched by Poslaju, a unique tracking number is provided to the customer that enables its tracking.

The tracking can be done online on the website and if you’re facing any issues, you can always check the solution from Poslaju tracking no update post here! Poslaju tracking and tracing can be done easily by entering the tracking number in the box.

Track and Trace PosLaju

We hope that you got enough information on PosLaju tracking number example and the overall process to check the Poslaju tracking number online so that you can track your shipment. Let me know if you have any doubts regarding Poslaju Tracking Number Example or any other query in the comment section below. I will get back to you with a perfect solution for tracking PosLaju online without any hassles.

MKZ Sorting Center Location on Google Maps and Address!

MKZ Sorting Center searches have been on the rise for the past 1 week. The reason is still unknown but it might be due to the shopping season in Malaysia on various portals like Lazada, Shopee, and more.

Some of the other sorting centers that are pretty much packed up with loads of parcels are PCH sorting center of Shopee and MP3 sorting centre as well.

That said, a lot of shoppers and customers are searching for MKZ sorting center based out of Malacca and other cities.

I’ve tried my best to find out the exact location, but I only ended up finding the nearest location possible to the sorting center of MKZ.

MKZ Sorting Center Address

From what I’ve observed is, most of the parcels sorting through MKZ center, they are near to the MKZ Airport (Malacca International Airport).

So, here’s the address of the Airport and not the MKZ sorting center.

Address: Jalan Lapangan Terbang Melaka, 75350 Batu Berendam, Malaysia

MKZ Sorting Center

MKZ Sorting Centre Location on Google Maps

Here’s the exact location of Malacca International Airport where the MKZ sorting center is located (in the surroundings).

The parcels received and distributed at the sorting center of MKZ, might be from any courier services such as Shopee Express, Poslaju, or even J&T.

I still don’t have a concrete information about which courier company has MKZ sorting center as their parcel hub. I will update this post as soon as I find the exact location for the MKZ sorting center.

Meanwhile, if you’re unhappy with your present courier company and looking for a change, you can check the rates of Poslaju courier and see if that is feasible for you as their services are best in Malaysia and overseas as well.

You can also reach out to the nearest Poslaju branch if you’ve any queries regarding their services or sending a parcel.

Till then, if you’re any of the customers whose parcel is stuck at MKZ sorting center, you can comment below regarding which courier your parcel is with and I will try to escalate the process of your shipping.

Nusajaya Hub of Shopee Express Location, Operating Hours & Contact Number

Nusajaya Hub is the main distributing center of Shopee Express where tons of parcel arrive and depart every day. So if your parcel is stuck at Nusajaya Hub of Shopee Express, you must be searching for the exact location, address, and may be contact number as well.

A lot of parcels are also stuck at PCH sorting center and MP3 sorting center as well. So if your parcel is stuck at Nusajaya Hub, you’re not the alone customer who’s facing the issue at present.

To get you the exact details of Nusajaya Hub, we’ve listed below the address, operating hours, location of Google maps and contact number of Shopee Express too. Take note that this hub is no where connected to MKZ sorting center.

Let’s start with the address of Nusajaya Hub.

Nusajaya Hub Address

Address: Horizon Avenue Commercial Centre, 29, Jalan Horizon Perdana 6, Horizon Hills, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia

Nusajaya Hub of Shopee Express

Below given is the exact location of Nusajaya Hub on Google Maps

Nusajaya Hub Location on Google Maps

That said, if you want to know the operating hours of Shopee Express Nusajaya Hub where your parcel is stuck at the moment, here’s the complete detail.

Operating Hours of Shopee Express Nusajaya Hub 

Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM

Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM

Sunday: Closed

Nusajaya Hub Shopee Express Contact Number

I did try searching for the Nusajaya Hub contact number but there wasn’t any specific number mentioned on any of the websites related to Shopee Express nor mentioned anywhere on the Google while I searched.

In such case, you can directly contact the Shopee Express on this number: +603-2777-9222

I hope you’ve now got enough information about Shopee Express Nusajaya Hub. Let me know in the comments if you’re facing any issue in tracking your Shopee Express parcel or tracking your Poslaju parcel, I will try my best to get you the best possible solution.

MP3 Sorting Center Shopee Express Location & Contact Number!

Often termed as the best courier company, Shopee Express handles millions of parcels every year in South Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and even China. But lately, users have been facing problems as their parcels are stuck at MP3 Sorting Center.

So now the question turns out is, where is MP3 sorting center located?

MP3 Sorting Center Shopee Location

I did try to find out the exact location of the sorting center but I couldn’t find the same. But most of the parcels are processed through either MP3 sorting center, JHB sorting center, PCH sorting center. Out of all these sorting centers, I was able to find the exact location of PCH sorting center recently.

MP3 Sorting Center Shopee Location

But my attempts to find the location of MP3 sorting center failed as there’s no word from Shopee Express when I tried them to reach out. As of now, the best I can say is the MP3 sorting center Shopee location is somewhere between Selangor and Temerloh Hub.

So one can assume that his/her parcel is somewhere near to Selangor. While that may not be enough to get you the exact MP3 sorting center location of your Shopee Express parcel, but it does give you a rough idea about when you can receive your parcel. And the same is the case with MKZ sorting center whose location is still unknown to me, at least.

MP3 Sorting Center Shopee Contact Number

Although I failed to find out the exact location of the sorting center, but I did get a chance to get the contact number for the same.

Here’s the contact number: +603-2777-9222

You can reach out to the above given contact number to know whereabouts of your parcel shipped by Shopee Express.

At times, due to high volume of parcels at the sorting centers, it might take some additional time or even days to dispatch your parcel from the station MP3 sorting center. This usually happens when it’s a peak time of shopping season.

So make sure you relax and just wait for a couple of more days to know the details about your parcel. At times, the tracking information is not updated as well due to which you may see delays in the delivery of your parcel.

My Opinion on MP3 Sorting Center of Shopee Express

I can understand that you’re pretty much excited to get your parcel that you recently ordered from a website or getting it from your friend or colleague but sometimes, even the courier companies like Shopee Express are helpless as the incoming volume of parcels might have increased and the tracking systems may not show up correctly.

That said, if you ever want to track Poslaju parcels, our website is the perfect place for to find it.  Of course, my website do not support Shopee Express tracking as this blog just provides information to Poslaju customers.

Let me know in the comments regarding your tracking numbers of Shopee Express that are stuck at MP3 Sorting Center or Shopee Express Nusajaya Hub for a long time. I will try my best to help you out.

PCH Sorting Center Location of Shopee Express!

Recently, I’ve observed a spike in the Google searches regarding “PCH Sorting Center” that is often related to the parcels shipped through Shopee Express.

That said, there are a lot of parcels that are stuck at station PCH Sorting Centre and the customers are going frenzy to locate their parcels. Even few parcels have been stuck at MKZ sorting center too and most of the users are unaware about its location.

PCH Sorting Center Shopee Express Location

PCH Sorting Center Location

I tried to reach out the official Shopee Express, but didn’t receive any response regarding the location of PCH sorting center Shopee. But I’ve done some research, asked some of the customers like you, and found that the location is near to Nusajaya Hub or the hub itself might be the location of PCH sorting centre of Shopee Express.

Here’s the address of PCH Sorting Center: Horizon Avenue Commercial Centre, 29, Jalan Horizon Perdana 6, Horizon Hills, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia

PCH Shopping Centre Shopee Location on Google Maps

You can also use the below given Google maps to reach the sorting center if your parcel is recently shipped through Shopee Express and you want more information on your parcel.

My Opinion on PCH Sorting Center Shopee Express

I understand that sometimes it gets difficult to wait for your parcel as you’re desperate to get your things at the earliest. But the sorting centers are working with heavy load at times and it becomes difficult for them to keep a track of each and every parcel too.

Every one has their own set of problems and as they say, there’s always another side of the coin and this completely relates to the rise in search of station PCH sorting center and MP3 sorting center.

If you’re not happy with the services of Shopee Express, you can always prefer to ship your parcels through Poslaju. The tracking of Poslaju is pretty simple and it doesn’t take more than a week to deliver parcels within Malaysia. That’s the best part about Poslaju. If you’ve decided to choose Poslaju as your shipping partner, you can check the shipping prices here and do visit the nearest Poslaju branch for further details.

You can comment down your issues related to Shopee Express and I will try my best to solve them at the earliest! Also, let me know the exact issue you’re facing with your parcels or sorting centers so that I can respond each one of your comments accordingly. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on all courier companies in Malaysia!

Poslaju KLIA Hub: Contact Number, Address, Operating Hours!

Pos Laju parcels from all around the Malaysia first reaches the KLIA Hub (Pos Malaysia International Hub) and they are then dispatched to their original destinations. Check Poslaju tracking status from here if you wish to know the location of your package at a blink of an eye!

Why All Pos Laju Parcels are Sent to KLIA Hub?

All the parcels that you receive from Poslaju are routed through the KLIA Hub because of the standard operating procedures of Pos Malaysia. This is a common thing you will notice in all tracking information when you receive a parcel from Pos Laju. You will see “Pos Laju Transit Office (KLIA Hub)” in your tracking status.

PosLaju KLIA Hub Transit Office

While this is a standard procedure to forward the parcel to Poslaju KLIA Hub, a lot of users have complained about the package being stuck at the parcel hub for many weeks and in some cases even months.

Why is My Package Stuck at Pos Malaysia International Hub?

Well, that might be because of the Movement Control Order (MCO) passed by the government due to Covid-19 pandemic. And that resulted in over 600,000 daily parcels routing towards KLIA Hub Poslaju in the month of May 2020.

This caused delay in parcel deliveries and the parcels that got stuck only increased as the time passed. It was really frustrating for the customers to not receive their package on time but believer us, Pos Malaysia worked very hard to fulfill all the orders following the MCO orders.

Poslaju KLIA Hub

As of now, the process has become a bit smoother as lesser parcels are being received at KLIA hub as compared to earlier. But there are a lot of users who still complaint about their parcels getting stuck at Poslaju hub KLIA. This might be due to less working staff at Pos Malaysia or may be the overflow of parcels is still on!

I will figure this out and get you an update for you as soon as I get a reply from the officials regarding this issue. Till then, stay tuned to this page for further updates.

By the way, if you ever wished to contact the Pos Malaysia International Hub, I am going to share their contact number and email IDs too so that you can contact them quickly and get an update regarding your package.

Check your parcel status from this tracking box.


Poslaju KLIA Hub Contact Number

Here are the contact numbers to connect with KLIA Hub Pos Laju.

+60 3-8787 3871

+60 3-8777 3777

KLIA Hub’s Operating Hours

Here are the details of operating hours of Pos Malaysia’s KLIA hub.

Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Saturday: 8:30 AM – 4 PM

Sunday: Closed

KLIA PosLaju Hub Address & Location

If you want to reach out directly to the KLIA Hub of Pos Malaysia, you can note down the below address for the same.

Jalan Klia S1, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, 43900 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

Here’s the address of the Pos Malaysia International hub if your parcel is to be delivered out of country (Malaysia).

Lot 13A, Bgn Terminal Utama, 64000, KLIA Sepang, Selangor, 64000, Malaysia

And if you wish to directly drive to Poslaju KLIA Hub, here’s the location on Google Maps to follow in order to reach Pos Malaysia International Hub.


I hope you’ve now got enough information about Pos Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport Hub. If you have problems with your parcel or you received a wrong parcel, you can always lodge a complaint through eFeedback or you can get in touch with Pos Laju customer care center directly if needed.

Poslaju Tracking Problem 2021 Solved and Working Now!

PosLaju Tracking Problem

Are you unable to track your Poslaju parcels online? Are you facing problems in tracking your Pos Laju shipments? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place! I am going to show you how to solve Poslaju tracking problem 2021 in a simple way!

Before moving forward, let me tell you that I have analyzed the reasons behind this Poslaju tracking problem which is observed recently by many users in the country including me. Here are few reasons that are behind this tracking problem.

Reasons Behind PosLaju Tracking Not Updated

As I said that I have found the best possible reasons with regards to Poslaju tracking down, without further ado, here are few reasons.

#1. Huge Traffic on Official Website

This is the major problem. The official website is unable to handle millions of users at a time when they are visiting the website to track their respective parcels. And at the end, the website goes down at times and you won’t be able to track the shipments with accurate information.

Poslaju Tracking Problem

#2. Covid-19 Pandemic!

You might be well of the fact the the whole world is fighting against Covid-19 Pandemic. And due to this emergency, you can always expect the shipments to be delayed or not being properly tracked. This was bound to happen and will continue for few more months until everything settles down. Besides this, you can also expect the Poslaju price per parcel to increase a bit as there’s more demand in sending and receiving parcels.

#3. Less Working Staff!

It’s obvious that during such emergency, the staff would risk their lives and do their duty. And as it requires constant communication to update the tracking status, due to less staff that isn’t possible these days. This can be another reason why you’re unable to track Poslaju parcel.

#4. Lesser Moving Vehicles!

Due to lesser moving vehicles and less working staff, it’s obvious that there would be delays in updating tracking information. Some times, you might be the lucky one to track the parcel but the information might be old.

#5. MCO!

The Movement Control Order might be another reasons why the operations of POS Malaysia aren’t working at its full potential. There’s nothing much logistics can do when a order is passed from government to stop the shipping operations.

The Poslaju tracking problem in 2021 is occurring because of above stated reasons. Now if you want to get rid of this follow the below given procedure to solve Poslaju tracking not found issue on your devices.

How to Solve Poslaju Tracking Problem 2021!

To start with make sure that you have fastest internet connection. If not, you won’t be able to track your Pos Laju shipment by following below given method.

Poslaju Tracking Not Working


Track your parcel here


#1. Visit the official website of PosLaju and try to track your parcel with the given tracking number. Ensure you only do this if you have fastest internet connection, else, it won’t work.

#2. As per my experience, there might be a location issue or caching issue as well on your device. To clear the problem, you should use a VPN to access the Poslaju tracking website or the official one to track your parcel without any issues.

I hope that using a premium VPN must solve Poslaju tracking problem 2021 on your devices. If you’re still facing any issues, do let me know in the comment section below and I will be happy to solve your issues or you can directly ask Poslaju pickup hotline regarding your parcel status.

If you directly want to visit your nearby Pos Laju office to solve the issue, search for Pos Malaysia near me or head over to any of these following branches:

To visit your near by Pos Malaysia office is the best thing you can do to solve the Poslaju tracking problem.

Before you move forward, check this post from the official website of Pos Malaysia to know which areas are affected by Movement Control Order. Due to this MCO in Malaysia, a lot of services are struck and the operations have been shut down completely in few areas.

PosLaju Rates 2021: Check Pos Laju International & Domestic Rates!

PosLaju Rates

Sending a courier starts with a deciding factor of PosLaju rates! There are many variations in PosLaju rates such as domestic and international. Whereas Poslaju rates 2021 will vary as compared to 2020 because the policies of POS Malaysia company tends to change every year!

There are many factors on which the Poslaju rate is decided. One of the factors is location. Now this is very important because if you want to parcel a courier in the domestic locations, the charges will be low but if that’s PosLaju international, then the rates would be on the higher side for sure!

Weight also matters a lot when it comes to deciding PosLaju international rates! Keeping all the points in the reference, the official website of POS Malaysia has provided a Poslaju rate calculator through which you can easily check the Poslaju rates 2021!

I have divided the PosLaju rates into 2 categories i.e., Domestic & International! I will be explaining two categories separately so that you can get a complete idea about PosLaju rates 2021 for domestic and international couriers! So let’s start with the Poslaju rates for Domestic services!

PosLaju Rates 2021 for Domestic Services

Basically, there are three types of mails in POS Malaysia courier services. They are Mail, Parcel and Pos Laju. Each of them have different rate structure depending on the customer requirement.

When you visit the official website of POS Malaysia or PosLaju calculate postage page, you will find these three mail types in POS Malaysia domestic services. To get more information on PosLaju Rates, you can directly give a call to PosLaju contact number or visit the nearest Poslaju center to get complete details.

So to calculate postage rates of Pos Laju is pretty easy! All you need to do is follow the below given steps to know the exact Poslaju rate for domestic services charged by POS Malaysia. Here you go with a step by step procedure to calculate Poslaju rate 2021 for domestic customers.

PosLaju Rates

#1. Visit the official website which is www.pos.com.my or just click on this page to visit directly!

#2. Now that you have already opened the official website, it’s now time to navigate to postal services section.

#3. In postal services section, you need to find the quick access option in which calculate postage link is available.

#4. Clicking on calculate postage link, you will see the domestic rates menu by default with 3 mail type options included in it.

#5. Select the preferred mail from those 3 options and type the weight in grams in the below given weight box.

#6. Click on Submit option once you have entered the details correctly. If you feel that information entered by you is wrong, or want to edit the information, simply click on reset to start calculating Poslaju rates from the start.

So this is how you can calculate the domestic rates of Pos Laju mail instantly without any errors. Below given image is a glimpse of how the Poslaju rates are calculated in the domestic sector.

Poslaju rate 2021 for Domestic and international mails

This is all about the domestic Poslaju rates 2021. Now let’s move on to the Poslaju international shipping charges section in which you can easily calculate the Poslaju rates for international mails and couriers! Meanwhile, if you have already sent your parcel, here’s your PosLaju Tracking Number details with live tracking.

Poslaju Rates for International Mails

If you just observed the above given step by step guide for Poslaju rates for Domestic services section, you will not take more than 5 seconds to calculate postage rates for Poslaju international services. In above procedure, once you complete the proceedings till step #4, you need to click on an International option instead of the domestic option in the menu.

Updated List of PosLaju Rates

Weight ZONE 1 (RM) ZONE 2 (RM) ZONE 3 (RM) ZONE 4 (RM) ZONE 5 (RM)
FIRST-500g 4.41 5.67 7.5 8.19 8.82
ADD-250g 1.01 1.26 1.5 1.89 2.52
Weight ZONE 1 (RM) ZONE 2 (RM) ZONE 3 (RM) ZONE 4 (RM) ZONE 5 (RM)
501-750g 5.42 6.93 9 10.08 11.34
751-1.0kg 6.43 8.19 10.5 11.97 13.86
1001-125 7.44 9.45 12 13.86 16.38
1.251-1.5 8.45 10.71 13.5 15.75 18.9
1.501-1.75 9.45 11.97 15 17.64 21.42
1.751-2kg 10.46 13.23 16.5 19.53 23.94


Charges for Parcel Above 2kg(RM)

Weight ZONE 1 (RM) ZONE 2 (RM) ZONE 3 (RM) ZONE 4 (RM) ZONE 5 (RM)
FIRST-2.001-2.5kg 11.97 20.16 26.25 32.76 39.05
ADD-500gram 0.63 2.52 3.76 4.41 5.04
Weight ZONE 1 (RM) ZONE 2 (RM) ZONE 3 (RM) ZONE 4 (RM) ZONE 5 (RM)
2.001-2.5kg 11.97 20.16 26.25 32.76 39.05
2.501-3kg 12.6 22.68 30 37.17 44.1
3.001-3.5kg 13.23 25.2 33.75 41.58 49.14
3.501-4kg 13.86 27.72 37.6 45.99 54.18
4.001-4.5kg 14.49 30.24 42.25 50.4 59.22
4.501-5kg 15.12 32.76 45 54.81 64.26
5.001-5.5kg 15.75 35.28 48.75 59.22 69.3
5.501-6kg 16.38 37.8 52.5 63.63 74.34
6.001-6.5kg 17.01 40.32 56.25 68.04 79.38
6.501-7kg 17.64 42.84 60 72.45 84.42

Zone 1 – Local Town Delivery
Zone 2 – Within Peninsular Malaysia
Zone 3 – Between Sabah and Sarawak
Zone 4 – Between Peninsular and Sarawak
Zone 5 – Between Peninsular and Sabah

Here are Poslaju International Rates  (Old Price)

No. Country of Destination Country Code Transit Time Document Merchandise Weight Limit
First 500 gm Next 500 gm First 500 gm Next 500 gm
1 Argentina AR 3-4 90 40 137 39 NL
2 Australia AU 2-4 60 15 75 14 20
3 Austria AT 3-4 80 35 100 30 31
4 Bahrain BH 3-5 70 20 75 20 20
5 Bangladesh BD 3-5 55 10 60 10 20
6 Belgium BE 3-4 70 20 100 15 27
7 Bhutan BT 5 75 32 115 39 NL
8 Brazil BR 4-6 85 40 137 38 NL
9 Brunei BN 2-3 35 8 43 6 40
10 Bulgaria BG 2 80 35 157 40 NL
11 Cambodia KH 2-3 40 6 52 6 20
12 Canada CA 3 55 20 110 22 NL
13 Chile CL 4 85 40 180 55 NL
14 China CN 2-3 45 12 63 12 40
15 Cuba CU 4 90 65 180 55 NL
16 Cyprus CY 3-4 90 30 157 40 NL
17 Czech Rep. CZ 3-4 90 35 157 40 NL
18 Denmark DK 3 80 20 100 15 30
19 Egypt EG 3-4 80 15 90 15 20
20 Estonia EE 3-4 80 20 157 40 NL
21 Fiji FJ 4 90 35 180 55 NL
22 Finland FI 3-4 80 35 100 15 25
23 France FR 3 70 20 100 15 30
24 Germany DE 3 70 20 100 19 23
25 Ghana GH 4 90 60 180 55 NL
26 Greece GR 3-4 90 35 100 20 20
27 H.Kong HK 2-3 42 10 55 12 30
28 Hungary HU 4 85 35 160 36 NL
29 Iceland IS 3-4 85 35 123 20 20
30 India IN 3-4 45 10 65 12 20
31 Indonesia ID 2-3 35 8 45 6 30
32 Iran IR 3-4 85 30 115 22 6
33 Ireland IE 3-4 75 25 100 15 30
34 Italy IT 3-4 75 25 100 15 20
35 Japan JP 2-3 47 12 64 15 30
36 Jordan JO 3-4 85 35 75 20 30
37 Kazakhstan KZ 4 85 40 157 40 NL
38 Kenya KE 4-5 85 35 100 30 20
39 Kuwait KW 3-4 85 30 75 20 30
40 Laos LA 2-3 40 8 52 8 20
41 Lebanon LB 4 80 30 160 40 NL
42 Liechtenstein LI 3-4 80 30 110 35 NL
43 Luxembourg LU 3-4 80 25 144 22 NL
44 Macau MO 2-3 44 10 60 12 30
45 Malawi MW 4 90 60 180 42 NL
46 Maldives MV 3 60 12 65 12 20
47 Mauritius MU 3 90 60 180 40 NL
48 Mexico MX 3 80 25 137 30 NL
49 Mongolia MN 3 70 25 150 22 NL
50 Morocco MA 3-4 82 65 180 45 NL
51 Myanmar MM 2-3 77 20 80 20 20
52 Nepal NP 3 77 25 90 30 NL
53 Netherlands NL 3 75 25 110 23 NL
54 New Zealand NZ 3 55 15 76 17 20
55 Nigeria NG 3-5 90 60 150 42 NL
56 Norway NO 3-4 80 30 120 25 30
57 Oman OM 3 80 40 150 40 NL
58 Pakistan PK 3-4 45 10 62 12 20
59 Papua New Guinea PG 3-4 50 15 66 15 20
60 Philippines PH 2-3 35 9 55 8 20
61 Poland PL 3-4 85 40 160 40 NL
62 Portugal PT 3-4 75 25 100 15 20
63 Qatar QA 3-4 85 25 75 20 20
64 Russia RU 4 90 35 110 20 20
65 Saudi Arabia SA 3-4 75 25 80 25 20
66 Singapore SG 2 22 2 40 5 50
67 Slovakia SK 3-4 90 40 157 40 NL
68 Solomon Islands SB 4 90 65 180 55 NL
69 South Africa ZA 3-5 85 40 150 39 NL
70 South Korea KR 3 43 12 65 15 30
71 Spain ES 3-5 85 35 115 15 20
72 Sri Lanka LK 3-4 45 10 65 12 20
73 Sudan SD 3-4 88 65 180 55 NL
74 Suriname SR 5 88 65 180 55 NL
75 Sweden SE 3 75 25 130 30 NL
76 Switzerland CH 3 75 25 130 30 30
77 Syria SY 3-4 85 40 155 40 NL
78 Taiwan TW 2-3 46 12 65 12 30
79 Tajikistan TJ 5 85 38 155 40 NL
80 Thailand TH 2-3 36 6 45 6 20
81 Tunisia TN 3-4 88 65 100 30 20
82 Turkey TR 3-4 80 20 70 20 20
83 Ukraine UA 3-4 85 40 155 40 NL
84 United Arab Emirates AE 3-4 75 20 80 20 20
85 United Kingdom GB 2-3 70 20 100 15 20
86 United States of America US 3-5 65 20 100 20 NL
87 Uzbekistan UZ 4-5 90 40 157 40 NL
88 Venezuela VE 3-5 110 20 120 20 20
89 Vietnam VN 2-3 40 7 50 6 20
90 Yemen YE 3-4 82 40 157 40 NL
91 Serbia Montenegro CS 3-4 90 40 157 40 NL
92 Rest of the World ROW 5-7 90 65 180 55 NL

NL: No Limit, Source of Table

On clicking it, it will just display the weight option box asking you to enter the approximate weight of your mail or courier in it.

Once you click on weight and the location selected by you in the above process, it will display the approximate shipping rate for Poslaju international mails. So this is how you can calculate Poslaju rates 2021 for international services.

Conclusion of Pos Laju Rates

I hope that this article gave you enough information on PosLaju rates overall. But still, if you have any sort of doubts regarding Poslaju rates , confused regarding Poslaju send parcel or any other services, you can shoot your queries in the comment box right now!

Keep visiting PosLaju tracking for more details on Poslaju rates. I will update the shipping charges if there are any changes from the official website!

MYJHBA – International Mail Sorting Center in Malaysia

If you had recently ordered a product online and you’re tracking the parcel, you must have noticed few codes such as MYJHBA, MYKULA, BEBRUM and a lot more!

What is MYJHBA?

MYJHBA is an international mail sorting center located in Johot Bahru city of Malaysia. This processing center acts as a transit point in order to forward your parcels to the respective international postal companies.

This is very much similar to the domestic parcel delivery where all the parcels are routed to Pos Laju parcel hub like KLIA and then sent out to delivery. The same way, MYJHBA is used as a transit point between the international postal companies.

The seller sends the parcel to Pos Malaysia (Malaysia Post) and then it’s processed to MYJHBA in order to reach the destination (various countries in the world). Other parcels that land in Malaysia through connecting cargo flights are also forwarded to the same sorting center.

MYJHBA - International Mail Sorting Center in Malaysia

What Does it Mean?

Well this isn’t necessary that your parcel is being delivered from Malaysia itself. Sometimes it may be from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and other surrounding countries.

Not all parcels are delivered directly to your doorstep from the point of origin. They have to pass through so-called international mail processing centers and one of them is MYJHBA, the one which you’re searching for at present.

You must have observed the code “MYJHBA” when you’re tracking your parcel with Poslaju or any other postal company’s tracking number provided by your seller.

This is the indication that your parcel is being routed through Malaysia’s International sorting center and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the origin of the parcel or seller’s warehouse is from Malaysia.

I hope you’re now clear about what is MYJHBA and what’s the meaning of it. If your parcel is being delivered by Pos Malaysia or Malaysia Post, you can contact them for any queries regarding your order or delivery issues.

Here’s How to Track and Trace PosLaju Online!

Pos Malaysia Tracking

One of the most popular domestic and international courier services offered in Malaysia is Pos Malaysia tracking. The company offers various kinds of postal services for both small and large sector companies.

Pos Malaysia started is a public service courier service started in the year 1800. Pos Malaysia Berhad has different businesses such as Pos Logistics, PosLaju, Pos Internal, Pos Aviation, Pos Ace, DataPos, and PosDigicert.

Its courier and postal services are offered by Poslaju Track and Trace. Different services are offered by Pos Malaysia including track and trace online services that allow the customer to track and trace their package within timely according to their requirement. You can also calculate postage rate based on national or international courier service.

Poslaju Track and Trace

PosLaju Track and Trace Services


Pos Malaysia tracking is one of the largest postal courier services in Malaysia. It offers a wide range of services to customers just like track and trace poslaju. There are various options available for customers such as Express Mail service, General Mail, FlexiPack, International and domestic mail services.

#1. FlexiPack

This type of mailing service is extremely useful for business and eCommerse service providers as it gives an option of flexible packaging with both prepaid and cash on delivery options. The FlexiPack comes with an option of online tracking that makes it easier for customer and service provider to track the consignment.

#2. Express Mail Service

Pos Malaysia also offers both national and international mailing service using express delivery. It ships consignment to over 232 countries. Pos Malaysia tracking offers pick-up and delivery service at much reasonable prices both domestic and overseas. It also offers tracking option available with door to door transfer along with a proof of delivery.

#3. General Mail services

Some of the services include options such as Standard Mail, Non-Standard Mail, Mel Rakyat and postcards. In this standard mail service, the package is delivered in an envelope letter. Non-Standard Mail includes domestic services that include delivering box, rolls, and envelopes. Postcards are used for non-commercial purposes and also come fitted under self-adhesive sides with foldable envelope.

#4. International Mail

It comes under the option of international mail service. There are various other subcategory options available such as mail, parcel and express delivery. International service comes under clearance along with pick up and special delivery service.

#5. Express Mail

Pos Malaysia Track and Trace offers two mailing options namely insured mail and Pos Express. Under this service, the sensitive secure package is delivered within a day. It is a quick and convenient way to transfer secure consignments. The transfer also has an insurance cover irrespective of consignment size.

For all the above services, you can check Poslaju price here to know the exact rate of each service you’re going to get for yourself.

POS Malaysia Tracking

How to Track & Trace PosLaju Parcels Online?

PosLaju Track and Trace service allow you to keep track of your package anytime anywhere you want. Tracking POS Malaysia package is an easy and convenient way. All you need to do is follow easy steps mentioned below.

  1. In order to track and trace POS Malaysia shipment, you need to visit the official website of Pos Malaysia www.pos.com.my
  2. Under the quick access portal, you need to enter the POS Malaysia tracking number.
  3. Click on Track button and it will display all details of your shipment clearly including current status and delivery date of your POS Malaysia tracking courier.

POS Malaysia Contact Details

Below are the contact Details of Pos Malaysia postal courier service.

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PosMalaysiaBerhad
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/pos4you
  • Instagram: https://instagram.com/pos4you/
  • Customer Care via PosLine at 1-300-300-300 or e-mail to care@pos.com.my

You can connect with official Pos Malaysia by using this Poslaju contact number as well in case of any emergency.

Conclusion on POS Malaysia

POS Malaysia tracking is a popular courier service that allows customers to send their mail across domestic and international borders. Established in early 1800, Pos Malaysia Track and Trace is one of the most prominent courier service providers in Malaysia. Tracking service is also provided for a customer that makes it easier for clients to keep track of their package. Pos Malaysia tracking has an extensive large network in different locations that undoubtedly makes it a popular courier service provider.