Poslaju Tracking Problem 2020 Solved and Working Now!

PosLaju Tracking Problem

Are you unable to track your Poslaju parcels online? Are you facing problems in tracking your Pos Laju shipments? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place! I am going to show you how to solve Poslaju tracking problem 2020 in a simple way!

Before moving forward, let me tell you that I have analyzed the reasons behind this Poslaju tracking problem which is observed recently by many users in the country including me. Here are few reasons that are culprit behind this problem.

Reasons Behind PosLaju Tracking Not Working

As I said that I have found the best possible reasons with regards to Poslaju tracking isn’t working, without further ado, here are few reasons.

#1. Huge Traffic on Official Website

This is the major problem. The official website is unable to handle millions of users at a time when they are visiting the website to track their respective parcels. And at the end, the website goes down at times and you won’t be able to track the shipments with accurate information.

Poslaju Tracking Problem

#2. Covid-19 Pandemic!

You might be well of the fact the the whole world is fighting against Covid-19 Pandemic. And due to this emergency, you can always expect the shipments to be delayed or not being properly tracked. This was bound to happen and will continue for few more months until everything settles down.

#3. Less Working Staff!

It’s obvious that during such emergency, the staff would risk their lives and do their duty. And as it requires constant communication to update the tracking status, due to less staff that isn’t possible these days. This can be another reason why you’re unable to track Poslaju parcel.

#4. Lesser Moving Vehicles!

Due to lesser moving vehicles and less working staff, it’s obvious that there would be delays in updating tracking information. Some times, you might be the lucky one to track the parcel but the information might be old.

#5. MCO!

The Movement Control Order might be another reasons why the operations of POS Malaysia aren’t working at its full potential. There’s nothing much logistics can do when a order is passed from government to stop the shipping operations.

The Poslaju tracking problem in 2020 is occurring because of above stated reasons. Now if you want to get rid of this follow the below given procedure to solve Poslaju tracking not working issue on your devices.

How to Solve Poslaju Tracking Problem 2020!

To start with make sure that you have fastest internet connection. If not, you won’t be able to track your Pos Laju shipment by following below given method.

Poslaju Tracking Not Working

#1. Visit the official website of PosLaju and try to track your parcel with the given tracking number. Ensure you only do this if you have fastest internet connection, else, it won’t work.

#2. As per my experience, there might be a location issue or caching issue as well on your device. To clear the problem, you should use a VPN to access the Poslaju tracking website or the official one to track your parcel without any issues.

Before you move forward, check this post from the official website of Pos Malaysia to know which areas are affected by Movement Control Order. Due to this MCO in Malaysia, a lot of services are struck and the operations have been shut down completely in few areas.

I hope that using a premium VPN must solve Poslaju tracking problem 2020 on your devices. If you’re still facing any issues, do let me know in the comment section below and I will be happy to solve your issues or you can directly ask Poslaju customer care regarding your parcel status.

9 thoughts on “Poslaju Tracking Problem 2020 Solved and Working Now!”

  1. I have sent out a parcel on 20th April through USJ 9 post laju. Till today, my customer yet to receive it. I track the parcel and it is still show that item dispatch out in April 27th. My customer yet to receive it today. I really wonder what wrong with the service. It is not post laju……
    My tracking number is EH 65 853 929 9MY.
    My hand phone number is 012 3646332.

  2. Hi, my tracking number not found. The owner said the parcel all ready picked up. My tracking number is ERB773685756MY. Please help.

    • Hi my tracking number not update in website . I want the goods as soon as possible before the Aidilfitri holidays. please act immediately. Because No respond at all pos laju . Please ACTIONNN!!!!! Tracking number EHA150103924MY . Thank you

  3. My tracking number is ENB002515383MY with the correct address. However, the contact number is wrong. I have tried call Pos Laju Sri Kembangan and the Poslaju hunting line. BUT NO RESPOND AT ALL from Poslaju.

  4. hai my customer tracking number still not updted in website..could you help me,both not updted since 3april..
    EHA 182075028MY

  5. Hi @pos 4 you,Please help me send EHA021871379my, parcel sent out 6/5 but now 13/5 still in pos Mel national.Please help sent asap TQ

  6. my item is delivered to another person! why? poslaju did not come to my house instead i got a notification from shopee mentioning that my parcel is delivered. checked the tracking number and the item is indeed delivered but not to me as the exact receiver!
    Please investigate this issue!

    tracking number : ERB823228654MY

  7. Hi,
    The tracking number of ERB907800190MY status has been stagnant since 17th May 2020. Will you be able to advice the status.

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